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The ultimate care guide for your Glorious gaming mousepad

October 22, 2017
So you recently purchased a Glorious gaming mousepad and couldn't be happier. Our care guide will help you make sure it's as good as new for years to come.

Battlestations - what are they?

October 15, 2017
Gamers often like browsing photos of PC gaming setups. However, what most miss is that these gaming setups are becoming increasingly known as battlestations.

Our GMMK Classic (Brown switches) is back in stock

October 14, 2017
Yes, we were focused on our TKL keyboard lately. But worry not, as we didn't forget to restock the Glorious mechanical keyboard brown switches prebuilt model.

Our Glorious GMMK Tenkeyless keyboard is officially in stock!

October 09, 2017
And we're not even joking. This also means that all GMMK Tenkeyless keyboard preorders have been shipped!

Mechanical Keyboard Battle: Glorious GMMK VS. Das Keyboard X40

October 08, 2017
We are comparing our keyboards to some of the most popular flagship keyboards developed by other brands. Final round: Glorious GMMK VS. Das Keyboard X40®.