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May your framerate be mighty
and your draw distance far.

Glorious PC Gaming Race was conceived by passionate PC gamers fed up with low-quality, over-priced gaming products that delivered more flash than function. The mission was to create unique gaming accessories, engineered for premium quality and elite-level performance, sold at everyman prices.

Forged in 2014 from an online community of PC gamers, GPCGR has been challenging the industry with products catered to the needs of serious players who demand the best.

We claimed our fame with the world’s best over-sized gaming mouse pads. Then we turned the peripherals market on its head with the world’s first “Modular Mechanical Keyboard” with hot-swappable switches. Along this path to glory, we've been joined by over a million loyal users, captivated by unparalleled performance, reliability, and customer service.

We’re just getting started! Ascend your battle station. Join the Glorious legion.

May your framerate be mighty
and your draw distance far.

Glorious PC Gaming Race was started by PC gamers, for PC gamers. Providing hardware & accessories engineered for elite-level performance, premium quality, and every-man affordability. READ MORE >


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You can now buy gift cards from our website

February 09, 2018
You asked, we delivered. The option to buy gift cards from our website is now available. And we dare say, it's just in time for this year's Valentine's Day.

The Most Customizable Mechanical Keyboard Ever Created - Glorious

April 09, 2017
The number of PC owners switching to mechanical keyboards is on the rise for a wide range of uses - from writers, to gamers, to people who just like to hear that sweet "clickity clack" that's missing from many modern keyboards. Most mechanical RGB keyboards come with pre-configured switches, keycaps and layouts which can be difficult to customize. This may be fine for a general user, but as avid gamers, we wanted more control. One problem. That perfect board we wanted didn't exist. So we put our heads together, and came up with a custom keyboard that would be the last mechanical keyboard...

You can use Bitcoin when purchasing from our website

December 29, 2017
There's been a lot of talk about Bitcoin lately. That's why we wanted to remind you that when purchasing from our website, you can use Bitcoin.

Glorious GMMK TKL Keyboard Review

November 22, 2017
Still not sure whether our tenkeyless mechanical keyboard is worth your money? Then, this Glorious GMMK TKL Keyboard Review covers everything you should know.

Battlestations - what are they?

October 15, 2017
Gamers often like browsing photos of PC gaming setups. However, what most miss is that these gaming setups are becoming increasingly known as battlestations.