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CS:GO Accessories Build Guide

Hate it or love it, it's one of the most popular competitive shooters of all time. And each time you're starting to think that you've seen everything it has to offer, Valve releases new operations / skins / (revamped) maps. Before you know it, you find yourself investing 100+ more hours in  ̶D̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶2̶  both legacy and active maps. Yes, that's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in a nutshell.

But how skilled are you? Is the AK-47 your weapon of choice? Or do you prefer landing headshot after headshot with the AWP? It doesn't matter, as you still need the right gaming accessories to make sure the enemy team blames you for hacking.

Gaming mouse

Zowie EC1-A | $59.99

Some may criticize the fact that this mouse has been designed exclusively for right-handed users. But, let's be real: you wouldn't play CS:GO any other way. Other than this, you really can't go wrong with the EC1-A. Its ergonomic design, plug-and-play nature, lift-off distance, and the rounded corners of the mouse buttons are just some of the features that make it the favorite choice of many professional (CS:GO) gamers.

Gaming Keyboard

GMMK-TKL - customized with Gateron Red switches | $109.97

You didn't really think we wouldn't recommend our very own line of products, did you? Jokes aside, we always test our gaming products to make sure they are the ultimate choice for gamers worldwide.

Hence, we honestly believe you can't go wrong with our very own *Glorious TKL mechanical keyboard. No matter your technical experience, it provides you with full control and comfort. Just what you need when playing games like CS:GO. And, if you customize it with red Gateron switches, you'll be choosing many a gamer's favorite. The result? A rapid execution of the keys that will give you that mini-advantage needed to get as many MVP stars as possible.

*Why choose TKL over Full? The TKL keyboard is obviously smaller, giving you better control of the desk surface. Besides, CS:GO doesn't require use of the numpad.

Gaming mousepad


CS:GO will often require you to make wide moves with your hand and execute sharp turns. You never know when someone will sneak up on you to land an iconic knife kill. You may need to perform an out-of-this-world maneuver in the split of a second.

That's where our Glorious 3XL Extended mousepad steps in. It supports both your gaming keyboard and mouse. It gives you a solid base for your mechanical keyboard to reduce noise and movement. And of course, you get tons of movement space for your mouse. You'll be able to perform said maneuvers with ease.

Wrist rests


The typical CS:GO game may take up to 90 minutes. That's 30 rounds of intense planning and B rushing. All that action and tense moments will eventually make your hands feel uncomfortable, especially if you often play several games in a row...

Luckily, our foam wrist rests are your hands' perfect CS:GO companion. Their unique surface allows you to comfortably glide your hands, while protecting your skin from irritation. You can rest assured that your wrists will always be in the most ergonomic position possible. Now, if you would only stop causing so much team damage...

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