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DOTA 2 Accessories Build Guide

Defense of the Ancients 2 VS League of Legends. DOTA 2 VS LOL. Which one is better?

A day may come when we finally get the answer to this question. But today is not that day. In the meantime, millions of gamers will tell you that there's no other game like DOTA 2 - both for positive and negative reasons. Be that as it may, if you're a DOTA fanboy, our *accessories guide is here to make sure you get the best gaming gear for your money.

*you will notice that this guide is very similar to the one we published about LOL a few weeks ago. After all, both games include many identical gameplay elements.

Gaming mouse

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse | $49.99

It's one of those gaming mice that are 100% tuned to pro-gamers specifications. There's so much you can read about it if you browse the web just for a bit. That's why we'll only list some of the main features here that make the G302 Daedalus Prime the ideal choice for your DOTA 2 (and MOBA) games:
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • On-the-fly DPI switching
  • 1 millisecond report
  • High-speed clicking
  • Metal spring left/right button tensioning system
  • Full speed USB

Oh, and if this is not enough, Logitech claim to have worked together with professional MOBA players when designing the G302 Daedalus Prime. This helped them build the features and playability from scratch. Quite impressive, to be honest.

Gaming Keyboard

GMMK-TKL - customized with Gateron Red switches | $109.97

You didn't really think we wouldn't recommend our very own line of products, did you? Jokes aside, we always test our gaming products to make sure they are the ultimate choice for gamers worldwide.

Hence, we honestly believe you can't go wrong with our very own *Glorious TKL mechanical keyboard. No matter your technical experience, it provides you with full control and comfort. Just what you need when playing games like DOTA 2. And, if you customize it with red Gateron switches, you'll be choosing many a gamer's favorite. The result? A rapid execution of the keys that will give you that mini-advantage needed to land a fatal blow on enemy heroes.

*Why choose TKL over Full? The TKL keyboard is obviously smaller, giving you better control of the desk surface. Besides, DOTA 2 is all about using the QWER + DF keys. You can safely survive without the numpad.

Gaming mousepad


There's really no need to explain this choice much. DOTA 2 uses a "singular screen". You don't have to turn around and perform wide movements with the mouse regularly. The main thing is to be quick and precise across a small area.

That's where our Glorious Large mousepad steps in. Although it's the smallest mousepad we offer, the Glorious Large still features an incredibly high-quality construction. It is best suited for normal-high DPI mouse users, and those with minimal desk space. And naturally, DOTA gamers.

Wrist rests


If you want to be a pro at DOTA 2, you need to understand motion. And by that, we mean unobtrusive motion. You will be moving your hands (and wrists) a lot, which may cause extreme discomfort if you don't stop after a few games (who does?).

Luckily, our *foam wrist rests are your perfect DOTA companion. Their unique surface allows you to comfortably glide your hands, while protecting your skin from irritation. You can rest assured that your wrists will always be in the most ergonomic position possible. Now, if you could only step up your game and stop being nothing more than a casual...

*We personally think you will do slightly better if you choose the thinner wrist rest, especially if you're combining it with a TKL keyboard. However, if u have serious problems with your wrists or are playing on a really low desk, the thicker wrist rest will work just as well.

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