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The Glorious Model D is now available. Buy Now >
All-New Glorious Model D Now Available

All-New Glorious Model D Now Available

Highly Anticipated Glorious Model D Ergonomic RGB Gaming Mouse by Glorious PC Gaming Race Is Now Available for Purchase


DALLAS – January 14, 2020

– Glorious PC Gaming Race is proud to announce that the wait is officially over for members of the Glorious Legion waiting to get their hands on the new Glorious Model D. Starting today at 10:00 a.m. CST/11:00 a.m. EST, the extreme lightweight ergonomic gaming mouse is available for purchase and ready to ship on the Glorious PC Gaming Race website.

Made for PC gaming loyalists, the Glorious Model D was designed for ultimate comfort, speed and control. Featuring a brand-first ergonomic shape, the Glorious Model D has the same HoneyComb shell as the best-selling Glorious Model O, which allows the mouse to achieve its impossibly lightweight yet ultra-strong frame. Furthering the Model D’s hyper-wireless feel, this competitive gaming mouse features a new-and-improved Ascended Cord, the brand’s proprietary braided cord that is ultra-flexible and thinner and stronger than ever before, doing away with the need for any shoddy third party modifications.

In addition to adjustable DPI and RGB settings, the Model D takes customization to the next level with the option to switch out the pre-installed premium G-Skates with larger mouse feet for maximum glide, ideal to suite any gamer preference. The Glorious Model D is available in four color styles to match any gaming set up or battle station: matte black, matte white, glossy black and glossy white with matte models weighing at 68 grams and glossy models weighing 69 grams.

“We are incredibly eager for fans to get their hands on the Glorious Model D and appreciate everyone waiting patiently since we announced our plans to launch this new shape in October of last year,” says Shazim Mohammad, Founder and CEO, Glorious PC Gaming Race. “Our team has been working hard for months to fine tune the Model D and are confident that it will blow our customers away. We can’t wait for the Glorious Legion to experience this mouse for themselves and tell us what they think.”

With a high demand expected, Glorious PC Gaming Race has made significant additional stock available for today but anticipate units of the Glorious Model D will sell out quickly. Pricing for the Model D begins at $49.99 for matte models and $59.99 for glossy models and can be purchased on the Glorious PC Gaming Race site, available for both U.S. and international shipping.


About Glorious PC Gaming Race

Glorious PC Gaming Race creates and distributes hardware & accessories engineered for elite-level performance, premium quality, and everyman affordability.

Born out of a community of passionate gamers who demanded the best, GPCGR has been challenging the traditional PC gaming hardware industry since inception in 2014. All GPCGR products are built to fill the needs of serious players who want more than anybody else has to offer. 



I just bought another mice, we can’t keep waiting for the D- guys. Just go buy another brand there is not coming a D- it seems like…..

Feb 22, 2020


You are to slow with the D- come on mayn

Feb 17, 2020


can we get a D- please? This is too big mouse for me.

Feb 16, 2020


Is the D- on the way or do we need to let some other company take our money ?

Feb 14, 2020

Peter :

Is there coming a D- ?

Feb 14, 2020


Will there be a -D version?

Feb 01, 2020


Hi,i am just wondering when will the glossy model d be back in stock and available to purchase?

Jan 26, 2020


Hi, im wanting to buy the model d but i would like the glossy white one. It is currently out of stock so i am just wondering when more stock will be available? thankyou (the model o is great btw :))

Jan 23, 2020

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