Announcing the Development Roadmap

Glorious HQ

June 08, 2021

Today, we are pleased to officially launch our public Development Roadmap!

Since Glorious was founded, total transparency has always been a core tenant of our company and mission. But as we’ve continued to grow so quickly, it has sometimes been challenging to keep customers and our rapidly expanding community in the loop on everything going on internally to the level we want. This challenge has especially been true regarding the software and firmware development process.

This public tracker is part of our efforts to improve transparency and communication about important software and firmware updates. It will allow our development team to directly communicate with end-users about what they’re working on without the need to go through our social or support channels.

As our company has grown and made headways into new product categories, a top priority has been expanding our internal development team and infrastructure so that we can take on more of the development workload in-house. From now on, we will have a lot more flexibility to make key updates to software & firmware faster and more efficiently.


On the Development Roadmap page, you’ll be able to see a live overview of the development progress for upcoming features and improvements related to Glorious CORE and the GMMK PRO. Each task lists an estimated date for completion and the current progress.

If you have an idea for a feature or want to report a bug not addressed in the roadmap, you can request it using the "Feature Request" button. We encourage all constructive feedback to help us continue to make improvements.

Below the Feature Request button, you’ll find the “Updates” section. Here you can see a changelog for CORE iterations, as well as important announcements from our Dev team.

Please note that this page is meant to show approximate estimates only. As with any development work, delays happen, and priorities can change at any time. Tasks without an ETA added yet are in the future pipeline. If a feature you want doesn’t appear on this page, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not on our radar - it may just not be prioritized in the roadmap yet.

We will continue to make important updates on our social media and community channels as well.

You can now view the Development Roadmap here.

Stay Glorious,

- Glorious Team


Q: How do I request features, report bugs, and more to your dev team?

A: Following the "Feature Request" button on the page will allow you to leave constructive feedback for our dev team.

Q: I requested a feature, why can I not find its progress on the roadmap?

A: It takes time for our dev team to view, consider, plan, and implement requested feature updates and bug fixes. They may not have chosen to pursue your request at this time, or it will be included in a future pipeline as they prioritize immediate projects.

Q: Why has there been no noticeable progress on this specific task in a while?

This page only gives approximates. Delays arise and priorities must be shifted at times. Trust that our dev team is doing everything in their power to constantly improve our software offerings for you. We thank you for your patience.



I really want to buy one but I’m put off by the supposed high input delay which would impact higher level gaming.

July 14, 2021


Hi, when is the rgb being added to qmk? The Development Roadmap says June but it’s now July.

July 14, 2021

Kyle Fullmer:

Would really love a “turn lights off when monitor goes off” like what Razer does. Help prolong the life of the LEDs and keep the room dark.

July 07, 2021


Can us customers get a estimated time frame for the flex batch shipping or when we will soon be able to pay the rest of the amount to be able to get the GMMK PRO?

June 16, 2021


The GMMK Pro was advertised as having a, “Fully Programmable Knob”. However, the only thing that can be remapped is the press of the encoder itself. Are there any ETAs on when this functionality will be made available?

June 10, 2021


Are there any plans for a full sized GMMK Pro keyboard?

Would buy one (probably more than one) in an instant.

June 10, 2021


The transparency here is awesome and something I wish other companies would do! Thank you for the updates!

June 10, 2021


Very Nice

June 09, 2021


Is the ability to resize core window that hard to do? 5% and Q4 2021 lol, pretty sure that Core is written in Electron and it has resizing built-in by default..

June 09, 2021

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