Are you ready for the Glorious D? – Glorious PC Gaming Race
Are you ready for the Glorious D?
Ergonomic. Comfortable. Lightweight. 

Your hands will love the Glorious D.

Coming December 2019.



Jimmy ronald:

Please make a model d- with. Please!! I would buy three.

Mar 08, 2020

Jacob A Cookson:

Will the D- be smaller like the model o- I’m looking for a lightweight mouse that’s the shape and size of the deathadder. Glorious make great mice when the QC is fixed. Love the look and feel but I had to switch back from the model o, far to flat and ambi mice don’t do it for me anymore, I had bad wrist pain and pinky cramps, switched back to deathadder and it went away so, I need one the size and shape of the deathadder if not even bigger. Will buy the D unless the D- is bigger, I’m assuming smaller but who knows.

Nov 22, 2019

Alberto Del Rio:

Final Who?

Nov 09, 2019


“Glorious D” lmao

Nov 05, 2019


Two large feet > four small.

Nov 04, 2019

Vishnu :

What’s the weight and I lowkey cant wait until this years black friday I am getting like 3 mice include the model o- and a gpro wirless and a ul 2 off Amazon and maybe the model D in the future…..

Nov 04, 2019



Nov 04, 2019



Nov 04, 2019


Have you guys fixed the disconnecting and reconnecting problems on the model D?

Nov 02, 2019

Oscar Cedeno:

You have to create a Model D-. A little smaller than Zowie EC-A or EC2-B for small hands 17cm-9.5cm like me. A really Palm grim mouse. Model D for Big hands and Model D- for small hands. Do this and take my money 😉

Nov 02, 2019

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