GMMK Compact - Coming Febuary 2019 – Glorious PC Gaming Race
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GMMK Compact - Coming Febuary 2019

You have been asking and it is finally happening!

Our GMMK is finally coming out with a 61-key compact size.
Featuring a fully refreshed body, and built-in sound-dampening acoustics.

Fully modular switches, as always.

Coming February 2019 in ANSI and ISO layouts.



Last day of Feb.. but IMO.. if YOU need to take more time to ensure that the keyboard has no flaws and can be the best it can be… please, take more time before releasing.

Feb 28, 2019


Unfortunate that February 2019 means THE LAST DAY of February. At least I can get this and the model O around the same time!

Feb 27, 2019


Any info on release?

Feb 24, 2019


February is almost over. So whenever you guys want to drop this keyboard would be nice :)

Feb 21, 2019


- Will the FN key be settable to the CapsLock key?

- How will the arrow keys be implemented?

- Will the keycaps NOT be shiny this time around?

- Will there be support for QMK?

Feb 20, 2019

Everest Smith:

Yo! I’m really excited for this to drop:)

Feb 18, 2019

Jakub S*****:

whens the 65% layout? i want to see you guys make a massdrop alt killer haha

Feb 11, 2019


i hope the stabilizers are better and the leds are brighter

Feb 09, 2019


+1 on needing this one being programmable. Vitally important for 60% boards. Instabuy if so.

Feb 08, 2019

Jan Neumann:

Are there key combination alternatives for Home/End/PgUp/PgDown? Or is it a task for the user to configure system-wise?

Feb 02, 2019

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