Glorious G-Floats: Ascend Beyond Friction

Glorious HQ

July 26, 2020

Gloriously smooth. Incredibly durable. Now available at

Introducing the Glorious G-Floats - our new premium, ultra-durable ceramic mouse feet. G-Floats will ascend your Glorious mouse beyond friction, with next-level control, speed, and smoothness.

The G-Floats are made from polished ceramic, giving you a Gloriously satisfying and consistent glide on any mousepad. It might even be the best glide you’ve ever experienced. The G-Floats are so frictionless, you'll feel like your mouse is floating!

The super durable, polished ceramic construction also means you can use the G-Floats on any gaming surface without worrying about wear and tear. Love using a hard pad but tired of changing out your skates? The unique materials and construction of the G-Floats greatly increases the lifespan. They will almost never wear down, giving you consistently high performance years after your first use. 

The performance of your G-Skates or G-Floats is affected by the surface you using them on.

For speed-freaks, they pair perfectly with the Glorious Helios hard pad.

 For maximum control, try them with our oversized stitched cloth mousepads

See the comparison below:


How much do the G-Floats cost?

$14.99 USD + S&H.


How many G-Floats come in the package?

Each box contains one set of four floats.

What Mice are the G-Floats compatible with?

Right now the G-Floats are only available for the Model O and Model O-. However we plan on bringing them to all our mouse models in the future.

Do I have to order a new mouse to get them?  Will they come on the new Model Os?

G-Floats will always be sold as a separate item. This gives you more flexibility in customizing your gaming mouse setup.


When will my G-Floats ship? 

G-Floats are in stock in our warehouses and ready to ship immediately. Normal order processing times apply.



Have you guys fixed the Model O and -O cable problem where it keeps disconnecting?

August 27, 2020

Pratyush Bhargava:

does this g floats work with model d

August 13, 2020

Joseph Sillas:

Awesome where is the link to buy these???

July 27, 2020


I was just thinking that it would be awesome to maybe make a video comparing these new glides with the G-skates on both hard and cloth mousepads so we can see the real difference with them.
Personally i dont have any expericance with the ceramic mouse feets and i am using a cloth mouse pad so would really like to see how they handle on cloth.
Thank you in advance !!

July 27, 2020

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