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Give your wrists the support they deserve with our wrist rests

So you've bought one of our Glorious mechanical gaming keyboards and you're ready for sleepless nights and endless online matches. What about your wrists, though? Are you confident they can stand the pressure in the long run? Our personal advice is to not leave anything to chance and get yourself a wrist rest pronto!

The gaming industry is constantly evolving, and so is the gaming modification hardware and accessories industry. We're witnessing more and more companies dedicating themselves to providing gamers with premium-quality gear that gives the necessary comfort and support. Case in point, Razer has just released their first ergonomic keyboard wrest. And while we're sure they have done a fine job with their wrist rest, we'd like to remind you why our very own Glorious keyboard gaming wrist rests are several steps ahead of the rest:

  • 3 sizes: Compact, tenkeyless and full size; the perfect fit for every keyboard out there
  • 2 thicknesses: 13mm and 25mm
  • A foam core interior, wrapped in a smooth cloth surface
  • Reinforced with dual-locked stitched edging that goes through the rubber (making sure the rubber doesn't peel)
  • Anti-slip rubber base that stops them from moving while in use
  • Can keep your hands warm over extended gaming sessions

As you can see, we've clearly invested a lot of time and resources in making our keyboard wrist rests as Glorious as they can possibly be. However, we're perfectly aware not every gamer's wrists can easily adapt to the foamy surface. The result? We've recently released the Glorious wooden keyboard wrist rests. Made from USA-Grade White Ash hardwood material with easy-to-clean surface, these babies can offer you the ultimate level of comfort for years to come. Plus, they come in 2 Glorious colors: Onyx and Golden Oak.

Lastly, no matter which wrist rest you order, we guarantee you'll fall in love with the Glorious logo. We've added it so you always know you're a distinguished member of the Glorious PC Gaming Race. You deserve it!

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