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Treat Yourself to the World’s Most Customizable Mechanical Keyboard

Literally everyone who uses a PC relies on a keyboard for a plethora of tasks and activities. These include working, browsing, chatting up with friends, and of course, gaming. Gamers know all too well that a good keyboard can provide the ultimate gaming experience, especially in the fast-paced world of competitive online gaming.

However, after hundreds of hours on a non-gaming keyboard, your fingers will show signs of strain. This happens because constantly relying on the correct skill combination in competitive online games like WoW, LoL and DotA can prove taxing for your fingers when using low-quality keyboards.

Being gamers ourselves, we decided to do something about this. That's why we created the first-ever modular gaming keyboard, designed to facilitate modification and provide a Glorious gaming experience.

With our state-of-the-art Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (GMMK), popping switches and keycaps in and out takes a few seconds. The keyboard supports interchangeable switches for Cherry, Gateron and Kalih branded switches. You can try out countless combinations; There are dozens of variations for Cherry, Gateron and Kalih branded switches that not only differ in appearance, but also offer a unique feel.

The level of modification the GMMK provides can help you find the most comfortable switch/keycap layout for both gaming and work-related purposes.

Our Glorious keyboard is armed to the teeth with full NRKO, RGB LED back lighting (capable of displaying over 16.8 million RGB color variations), double shot injection keycaps and a minimalistic design that gives it a sleek look. It’s available in a pre-built version with brown Gateron switches, and a barebones variant that allows you to build your own switch and keycap kit.

With a limitless amount of customization options available, including a quality design built to be resistant to seemingly infinite amount of keystrokes, the Glorious Modular RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard might just be the last keyboard you will ever buy.

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