Glorious Model D - Big or Small? – Glorious PC Gaming Race
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Glorious Model D - Big or Small?
We all know size matters. We don't judge. 
That's why we are including optional big G-Skates with the Model D for your pleasure.

Reservations start November 18 at 11am CST. More details here

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a piece of bread:

What’s the difference? I want to try both out once I decide which mouse will be my endgame (g pro wireless, model o, model d).

May 21, 2020



Nov 18, 2019


imo make it small on the stock version and leave big skates within the box, and let the ppl choose how their mouse feet be like!

Nov 18, 2019



Nov 15, 2019



Nov 15, 2019


There is a typo in the graphic.
It is called PTFE not PFTE.

Nov 15, 2019

nextgam3 :

lol, and now I have a question, why not for model O as well ?!🧐

Nov 15, 2019

Leonardo Mendoza:

How can we buy just the skates?? I want to give them a try

Nov 14, 2019


no make pp jokes. maybe big skates for glide thoughh

Nov 14, 2019


i agree with Cordero

Nov 14, 2019

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