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Glorious Model D - Dimensions
We know you wanted to know how big the D is.
Here you go. 

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Will there be a model d-
If there is when are u guys going to release it I am waiting for it

Jan 31, 2020


“We know you wanted to know how big the D is.”

Jan 28, 2020

Ben Cortez:

As someone with big hands, the Model D is perfect.

Dec 20, 2019

Ethan Pan:

the overall shape is too big for me unlike ec2bgot a much slimmer shape, I know you guys can’t shrink all the electronics with the light strip , just get rid of the strip and make it lighter and smaller

Dec 17, 2019

lemme smash:

The size looks more similar to EC1 than EC2. Hope it does get too big.

Nov 19, 2019


looks like a lighter EC series mouse, too bad the G Wolves skoll was already a thing

Nov 19, 2019

henk krakers:

looks like an ec2a but with holes. I hate the shape of the ec2a

Nov 19, 2019

Alberto :

Vão entregar no Brasil?

Nov 18, 2019



Nov 18, 2019



Nov 18, 2019

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