Glorious Model D - Dimensions – Glorious PC Gaming Race
Model D reservations are now closed. Please stay tuned for Global Model D launch. >
Glorious Model D - Dimensions
We know you wanted to know how big the D is.
Here you go. 

Reservations start November 18 at 11am CST. More details here

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lemme smash:

The size looks more similar to EC1 than EC2. Hope it does get too big.

Nov 19, 2019


looks like a lighter EC series mouse, too bad the G Wolves skoll was already a thing

Nov 19, 2019

henk krakers:

looks like an ec2a but with holes. I hate the shape of the ec2a

Nov 19, 2019

Alberto :

Vão entregar no Brasil?

Nov 18, 2019



Nov 18, 2019



Nov 18, 2019

David Atanasoski:

so glad you increased the size of the size buttons, this is what deathadder users have been waiting for, including me! :)

Nov 18, 2019


well, all i hope is that they fixed the cable shit, ive bought 2 mouses and the same shit keeps on happening

Nov 17, 2019


Finally a mouse thats larger yet doesn’t look clunky or silly. I will definitely be picking this up.

Nov 17, 2019

Emilio Colombo:

guess i’ll wait on the D- :(

Nov 16, 2019

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