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Glorious Model D- First Look



Pls gibe fast now

Jun 20, 2020

Ilayi :

How about adding shipping to Israel, I need this please

Jun 18, 2020


Hope they will ship to israel again so i can order a bunch :)

Jun 06, 2020


can you make it the same size as the model o minus maybe smaller :)

Jun 04, 2020


Looking forward to this mouse release =)

Jun 04, 2020


I’ve tried every Glorious mouse available as well as others but I keep going back to the Model O minus. I hope the Model D minus will be just as amazing… If I may make a suggestion though; can we call the mouse “Little D”… (wink).

Jun 01, 2020


D is smaller than ec1, that said, D- has to be smaller than ec2 (Duhh).

Jun 01, 2020

Pedro Soares:

I know all these requests are confusing, but i’d rather have one slightly taller. I was hoping the Model D was a bit taller, like a Gladius. Im still gonna buy one to try it out though.

Jun 01, 2020


Bought a Model D. Very good mouse but it was a bit too big for me so i would give the D- a try! But no matter how much smaller it would be pls improve the quality of the buttons (post and pre travel issue on mouse 1 and mouse 2 – side travel aswell, side buttons were nice) and also the scroll wheel (rattle and squerze after using a while). Fix the dpi button issue and all in all make the mouse more durable and bring it only with the big mouse feet for best glide… a wireless version would be overkill… best regards! Stay Glorious!

May 31, 2020


Make it smaller than ec2

May 31, 2020

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