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Glorious Model O - Australia Pre-Order Information

More information for our Australian customers, we have more specific information regarding the Model O launch and how you can pre-order it locally. 

Pre-Orders for the Australia region will take place on 12:00 PM AEDT March 10, 2019, through PC Case Gear

The link below will go live then!

[Direct link to PC Case Gear Model O Page]


Please Note: We do not control pricing, fulfillment, or pre-orders of any 3rd party authorized retailer or international distributor. If you place an order outside of the website, be aware we cannot guarantee stock or delivery times. Please contact your retailer for detailed information about their ordering process.


Peter chen:

Can i still preorder the mouse as of today?

May 07, 2019


Is the Odin still going to be released on PC Byte and if so will I get an email if I signed up for the mailing list? Thanks if you can answer

Apr 21, 2019

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