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Glorious Model O - European Pre-Order Information

For our European customers, we have more specific information regarding the Model O launch and how you can pre-order it locally. 

Pre-Orders for the EU region will take place on March 11, 2019, through the websites listed below.

For everyone else, the Model O reservations are opening up March 9, 2019, through our website. We ship worldwide from the USA so we got you covered :)

Below are all the places you can pre-order the Model O in Europe: 

 Other specific countries with Model O pre-orders (list being updated):

 Please Note: We do not control pricing, fulfillment, or pre-orders of any 3rd party authorized retailer or international distributor. If you place an order outside of the website, be aware we cannot guarantee stock or delivery times. Please contact your retailer for detailed information about their ordering process.



im wondering if you guys can figure out the shipping issue for the norwegians i really want to get my hands on this mouse so i would be extremely happy if you could figure out another method for us to get our hands on it and if you do please contact me. the price reaches the ones of finalmouse with shipping to norway

Apr 21, 2019


Will this mouse be available to specifically order in Netherlands? Or do we have to use for that?

Apr 04, 2019


Looks like a lot of people from Norway wants to buy this. Check
They have it for pre-booking.

Mar 13, 2019

Mike Tesseris:

Us Greeks can’t purchase from the U.S. sadly, since products over 20 dollars are held in post offices if they aren’t labeled as gifts (and even then you cant be sure about anything) and they come with a huge fee, so there’s no point. Then there’s our other choice, which does offer the mouse, but it comes may 2 and theres also 27 euros in fees and shipping. That said, I’m still going to buy the mouse, since it looks really promising, but I suggest getting bigger sellers to retail products as hyped as this next time.

Mar 11, 2019


As others have said before me; Acquiring this mouse in Norway at the moment, is too hard.

The Nordic re-seller only ships to Finland, and ordering from the other European sellers is too expensive when shipping and customs are taken into consideration.

Is there any plans to make pre ordering from Norway easier?

Really looking forward to getting my hands on this.

Mar 10, 2019


Glorious sent out a quick brief product review by Menismyforte
for those who hasn’t checked it out

Looks like a solid mouse.

Mar 09, 2019

Jonas Gothilander:

you can pre order it on inet if you are in sweden but it will not come until 1 may

Mar 09, 2019


Is there any option for us in Sweden to pre order? We can’t order from Jimms.

Mar 09, 2019

cybernetic esportsman:


«Reply to T»: They do sell their products to Maxgaming. But Maxgaming will not sell the mouse because Finalmouse said they couldn’t sell the PCGR mice if they wanted to keep selling Finalmouse products and Maxgaming tok a choice based on that. Maxgaming chose to not sell the PCGR mice."

Outstanding move, considering Finalmeme doesn’t make mice anymore.

Mar 08, 2019


There’s no option for us in sweden to pre-order this mouse without an extra charge from the DE site but then you have another 22$ fee to pay…. Jimms is only shipping to Finland..

Mar 08, 2019

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