The Glorious Odin Gaming Mouse. – Glorious PC Gaming Race
Glorious Model O - Reservations start in March 2019
The Glorious Odin Gaming Mouse.

Our research is done.

We are now entering the Gaming Mouse market.

No more overpriced garbage.

Hang in there.

Coming soon, late 2018.


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im interested in this mouse very much ,and want to know more about this

Jan 22, 2019


Cant wait for the RJN review on it!!

Dec 12, 2018

thor steffes:

All I want is a small and lightweight mouse. I use claw grip and the only small mouse that is also lightweight is the mastermouse s with the weight removed but that has awful build quality

Dec 12, 2018


if it weighs as much the FM phantom or their 58 mouse and doesn’t have the BS marketing as they do.

where everyone can get it .

so we can
Rubbed it all over FM’s face
showing how superior this mouse is over their “not branded” FM.

Dec 04, 2018


If it’s better than the Logitech G Pro Wireless, i’m buying it.

Dec 04, 2018


Hope it syncs with the GMMK keyboard

Nov 04, 2018


Hopefully low-latency clicks :) Looking forward to this mouse!

Oct 12, 2018


How many buttons will this mouse have?

Sep 07, 2018


Dimensions/shape as soon as possible please :)

Aug 16, 2018


Good to know! Please tell me you’re planning on making mice with customizable switches. It would be lovely to have the option to make my mouse silent.

Aug 08, 2018

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