Introducing GMMK PRO

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November 04, 2020

 Introducing the GMMK PRO.

  A Showpiece of Engineering & Design.

GMMK PRO is an ultra premium, gasket-mounted 75% layout keyboard built for enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals.

The GMMK PRO features a fully CNC machined aluminum case, 5-pin modular PCB, all-new screw-in GOAT stabilizers, a rotary encoder, QMK/VIA support, and much more!  

Our team has poured countless hours into designing this board after listening to a lot of feedback from the keyboard community and customers. We've designed it with enthusiasts in mind, while keeping it accessible to a wide range of users. We think the final product is truly a thing of beauty.
There is nothing quite like this board readily available for anyone to buy. Similar boards often sell for hundreds of dollars, usually only via limited Group Buys. At just $169.99 for a barebones (not a kit, comes pre-assembled), this will be the highest quality keyboard at this price-point on the market.

The GMMK PRO is as close to perfect as we could get it. It will be a gateway for many into the world of premium mechanical keyboards.

Reservations begin 11/11. Est. Shipping Q1 2021. 
Note: This will not be a group buy. We plan to keep this board continuously in stock!
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  • Gasket Mounted Plate Design

    • Naturally dampens keystrokes for a unique haptic and acoustic experience.

  • 75% Layout

    • TKL with everything you need

  • CNC Aluminum Case

    • Individually Machined and Engraved

    • Aesthetic High-Profile Frame

    • High Quality Aluminum

    • Comes in Black Slate or White Ice

  • Rotary Encoder

    • Fully Programmable Knob

    • Controls Volume & Media by default

  • Removeable USB-C Cable

    • Because we're living in 2020

  • GOAT Stabilizers

    • Factory Lubed and Cut, Screw-In Stabilizers.

  • QMK & VIA Compatible

    • Compatible with QMK & VIA opensource firmware

    • Also compatible with easy-to-use Glorious Core software

  • 16.8 Million RGB Lighting

    • Elegant programmable side lighting

    • Per key RGB Lighting

    •  Multiple color modes and animations

  • 5-Pin Modular PCB

    • 5-Pin South Facing PCB

    • Fully modular, hot-swappable to easily add and remove your favorite switches

    • Supports Plate and PCB Mounted Switches

    • Supports Clip-In or Screw-In Stabilizers
      • Barebones from $169.99!

        • No assembly required (not a kit), just add your favorite switches & keycaps

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        Will the GPBT keycaps also be available in ISO de layout?

        April 15, 2021


        ISO please

        April 07, 2021


        How does QMK support work? Where can i find informations on that?

        April 03, 2021

        ISO MasterRace:

        For ISO users, it’s been available to preorder from some EU retailers for a while now.

        April 02, 2021

        uʍop ǝpᴉsdn qƃɹ:

        Why is the LED position for RGB upside down this makes it pretty much unusable for backlight supporting keycaps.
        Couldn’t you add the LED to the top or both top and bottom for clear switches?

        March 28, 2021

        Please Read:

        To the people constantly typing “when ISO pls ISO” please stop flooding this comment thread, it was already said numerous times that ISO is coming later this year, likely Q2. Either you can wait, or learn to use ANSI. And to that one guy who asked if optical switches work in this thing, the answer is a no. This is a very much definite no, this PCB is not an optical PCB, so it is pretty clear that opticals do not work on it. On top of that, you shouldn’t be considering opticals, as currently there aren’t any good ones on the market, especially when you compare them to any proper mechanical switch. There is no in game benefit, so you shouldn’t consider that as a factor.

        March 26, 2021


        I can only repeat what many already said:

        Awesome keeb, I’m on board (pun intended) the second you guys release it in ISO layout ;)

        March 25, 2021



        - Dam Zoomers with your gooskt mount RGB keyboards.
        - I like how this keyboard is more foam and screws than actual keyboard.

        You do really need a new designer:
        - Also, the gooskts that these kids refer to actual don’t function at all due the compression that they are under.
        - Basically you made a block of foam and screws then turned it into a sandwich mount keyboard.
        - Nice tolerances as some people cannot even put their own stabs into keyboard 10/10 machining.
        - Do the light pipes actually work or??? As the promotion photos are clearly not the same to the product that was sent out.
        - It really makes you think about how much effort really went into this keyboard…

        This keyboard is like at best a 6.9/420 as you can just get other keyboards on the market that are cheaper and actually have a decent design and work way better.

        This is just Big Keeb that is trying to take over the market and suucc all the Zoomers money away with a bad design and flashing lights.

        Just get a Tofu way better for the price and a better start to this hobby.

        March 24, 2021

        Enoch Yu:


        March 24, 2021

        Jean :

        Keyboard looks awesome looking forward for it’s release but it is possible to put optical switches inside of it ?

        March 24, 2021

        Dias Anderson:

        Looking forward to the ISO version.
        Also a bluetooth fan.

        March 23, 2021


        Looks fantastic! Layout is perfect, and it’s great to see some attention paid to acoustics. My only request is for a space-gray color variant – I think it showcases the aluminum build better than black does without looking out of place next to a black mouse, black speakers, black monitor, etc.

        March 23, 2021


        Please please pleaaaaaaaaaase release an ISO layout soon so I can order! Love it, and reviews dropped today sound great!

        March 23, 2021

        Morten L Christiansen:

        If there was a Nordic Iso layout. i would buy it instantly.

        March 23, 2021


        please release a german layout

        March 23, 2021


        Usb pass through & ISO would be fantastic, any plans for a full size as well? Or maybe just update GMMK with a usb pass through that’d be sick!

        March 21, 2021


        TKL please !!!

        March 20, 2021

        Cliff LaTour:

        I would love to see either a 100% or preferably a 96% layout. Also, if you add bluetooth for 3 devices that would be great!! I stay wired to my PC all day, but I have come to appreciate the bluetooth option as well as it allows me easy control of my tablet and my phone while in my battle station, or during the day as I, like many, use my rig for productivity / work during the day. For the same reason I would love to see a bluetooth option added to a future or existing mouse as well, with a topside button for changing modes… Bluetooth and a number pad, and I would buy multiples for different switch options!! Build a silent for work and streaming, and a glorious panda for everything else!!

        March 16, 2021


        Living in Germany an ISO board is a must have. So please please please make an ISO version of this. ISO = Insta buy

        March 13, 2021


        Looks awesome! Needs to get this in Nordic :)

        March 13, 2021


        ISO-Nord is instabuy, probably more than one even. (Make it hotswap! :D)

        Does the knob have button press input as well, or strictly rotary? I use the button to switch between different modes. So one could be for photoshop brushes, and the other for volume

        March 13, 2021


        ISO DE would be insta buy!

        March 12, 2021

        Hugo mOta:

        ISO layout please!!

        March 11, 2021

        Adrián Jiménez:

        ISO SP!!! Instabuy!

        March 11, 2021


        ISO DE gogo!

        March 10, 2021


        ISO Nordic = instant buy.

        March 08, 2021


        This would be a cool upgrade to my original gmmk if you ever make a full size one

        March 07, 2021


        Any chance for 100% layout?

        March 03, 2021


        ISO Please!

        March 03, 2021


        Hejsan Glorious <3

        I would friggin’ LOVE it if you guys would make an ISO version of this.
        Me and at least five of my friends have agreed we’ll all be purchasing the ISO version if/when it comes out.
        This looks so awesome. We need it. Please.

        TL;DR: If you make an ISO version, I will get this keyboard!!!!!!!!!!! ⌨

        March 01, 2021

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