Introducing GMMK Pro

Glorious HQ

November 04, 2020

 Introducing the GMMK Pro.

  A Showpiece of Engineering & Design.

GMMK Pro is an ultra premium, gasket-mounted 75% layout keyboard built for enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals.

The GMMK Pro features a fully CNC machined aluminum case, 5-pin modular PCB, all-new screw-in GOAT stabilizers, a rotary encoder, QMK/VIA support, and much more!  

Our team has poured countless hours into designing this board after listening to a lot of feedback from the keyboard community and customers. We've designed it with enthusiasts in mind, while keeping it accessible to a wide range of users. We think the final product is truly a thing of beauty.
There is nothing quite like this board readily available for anyone to buy. Similar boards often sell for hundreds of dollars, usually only via limited Group Buys. At just $169.99 for a barebones (not a kit, comes pre-assembled), this will be the highest quality keyboard at this price-point on the market.

The GMMK Pro is as close to perfect as we could get it. It will be a gateway for many into the world of premium mechanical keyboards.

Reservations begin 11/11. Est. Shipping Q1 2021. 
Note: This will not be a group buy. We plan to keep this board continuously in stock!
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  • Gasket Mounted Plate Design

    • Naturally dampens keystrokes for a unique haptic and acoustic experience.

  • 75% Layout

    • TKL with everything you need

  • CNC Aluminum Case

    • Individually Machined and Engraved

    • Aesthetic High-Profile Frame

    • High Quality Aluminum

    • Comes in Black Slate or White Ice

  • Rotary Encoder

    • Fully Programmable Knob

    • Controls Volume & Media by default

  • Removeable USB-C Cable

    • Because we're living in 2020

  • GOAT Stabilizers

    • Factory Lubed and Cut, Screw-In Stabilizers.

  • QMK & VIA Compatible

    • Compatible with QMK & VIA opensource firmware

    • Also compatible with easy-to-use Glorious Core software

  • 16.8 Million RGB Lighting

    • Elegant programmable side lighting

    • Per key RGB Lighting

    •  Multiple color modes and animations

  • 5-Pin Modular PCB

    • 5-Pin South Facing PCB

    • Fully modular, hot-swappable to easily add and remove your favorite switches

    • Supports Plate and PCB Mounted Switches

    • Supports Clip-In or Screw-In Stabilizers
      • Barebones from $169.99!

        • No assembly required (not a kit), just add your favorite switches & keycaps

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        Joseph Bohn:

        I just hope there is enough to go around for launch. I will be there waiting and hoping I dont hit F5 just to see it sold out.. I’m INSANELY excited for this board. Looks great Glorious. Good job guys!

        November 05, 2020


        Please make ISO

        November 05, 2020



        November 05, 2020


        Please make an ISO layout.

        November 05, 2020

        Smartfool :

        Should be “GMD” for Glorious Mic Drop. Really exciting to have all these features at that price point. Can’t wait.

        November 05, 2020


        You had me at Rotary.

        November 05, 2020


        Dang it. Why is this not solderable..
        Is there any chance of selling solderable version?

        November 05, 2020


        Please tell me there is going to be a ISO layout available. GMMK about to take the keyboard scene over?

        November 05, 2020


        Please make ewhite

        November 05, 2020


        What is the typing angle of this keyboard? Looking at the renders it looks flat and I can’t tell if there’s adjustable legs.

        November 05, 2020

        Felix Meyer:

        ISO-Layout and I am in.

        November 05, 2020


        Good job, Glorious.
        DAS, Drop and the other usual suspects have their work cut out for them. Also: Would everyone chill the hate on Geekhack GBs a bit, please. If you are salty about 400+ Dollar limited boards — fine. But a lot of the things to like about the GMMK PRO were innovated and prototyped there… by people who put great Care and tremendous work into their passion projects… without getting rich off Keyboard GBs.

        November 05, 2020


        Is the rotary encoder “knob”, Also a button you can press?

        November 05, 2020


        Any info regarding ISO layouts?

        November 05, 2020

        Holy Cow:

        Great job Glorious! This is exactly what the MK community needs. I hope you add ISO support and this will significantly increase your market and would be an easy purchase for myself!

        November 05, 2020


        Iso for your european guys please :)

        November 05, 2020


        don’t need a satisfaction anymore =)

        November 05, 2020


        Endgame board right here.. what an offering!

        November 05, 2020


        If you guys were to add iso as a options this is a 100% cop

        November 05, 2020


        This looks like a pretty solid budget Satisfaction 75.

        November 04, 2020


        I’m assuming the White Ice version has a silver case?

        November 04, 2020


        does it come with hot sauce

        November 04, 2020


        Game changing move by GloriousPC. Hard to believe even the first time you read the specs!! This manufacturer is providing something that is very inaccessibles for many. They are addressing the problem of enthusiasts not being able to explore this great world of custom keyboards. This will definitely shake the ground of
        the custom keyboard world. Thanks GloriousPC!!

        November 04, 2020


        This looks like an INCREDIBLE deal. This company seems to have been listening to subreddits and other enthusiasts forums. Very impressive products that Glorious has been pumping out. KEEP IT UP! BRINGING ENTHUSIAST PRODUCTS AT AFFORDABLE PRICES!

        November 04, 2020


        I see this more line a high value entry option similar to the NK65V2.

        In any case it looks great.

        November 04, 2020

        Christoph Boehm:

        Please add an ISO option!

        November 04, 2020


        All sat 75 rejects in comments

        November 04, 2020

        Charles Liu:

        100% buy

        November 04, 2020


        This is massive! I was on the fence wit the massdroo offerings, but this hits every single tick im looking for. My only question is, what brand of hot swaps are y’all going with?

        November 04, 2020

        Peter Wong:

        Take my money now!

        November 04, 2020

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