Introducing GMMK Pro

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November 04, 2020

 Introducing the GMMK Pro.

  A Showpiece of Engineering & Design.

GMMK Pro is an ultra premium, gasket-mounted 75% layout keyboard built for enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals.

The GMMK Pro features a fully CNC machined aluminum case, 5-pin modular PCB, all-new screw-in GOAT stabilizers, a rotary encoder, QMK/VIA support, and much more!  

Our team has poured countless hours into designing this board after listening to a lot of feedback from the keyboard community and customers. We've designed it with enthusiasts in mind, while keeping it accessible to a wide range of users. We think the final product is truly a thing of beauty.
There is nothing quite like this board readily available for anyone to buy. Similar boards often sell for hundreds of dollars, usually only via limited Group Buys. At just $169.99 for a barebones (not a kit, comes pre-assembled), this will be the highest quality keyboard at this price-point on the market.

The GMMK Pro is as close to perfect as we could get it. It will be a gateway for many into the world of premium mechanical keyboards.

Reservations begin 11/11. Est. Shipping Q1 2021. 
Note: This will not be a group buy. We plan to keep this board continuously in stock!
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  • Gasket Mounted Plate Design

    • Naturally dampens keystrokes for a unique haptic and acoustic experience.

  • 75% Layout

    • TKL with everything you need

  • CNC Aluminum Case

    • Individually Machined and Engraved

    • Aesthetic High-Profile Frame

    • High Quality Aluminum

    • Comes in Black Slate or White Ice

  • Rotary Encoder

    • Fully Programmable Knob

    • Controls Volume & Media by default

  • Removeable USB-C Cable

    • Because we're living in 2020

  • GOAT Stabilizers

    • Factory Lubed and Cut, Screw-In Stabilizers.

  • QMK & VIA Compatible

    • Compatible with QMK & VIA opensource firmware

    • Also compatible with easy-to-use Glorious Core software

  • 16.8 Million RGB Lighting

    • Elegant programmable side lighting

    • Per key RGB Lighting

    •  Multiple color modes and animations

  • 5-Pin Modular PCB

    • 5-Pin South Facing PCB

    • Fully modular, hot-swappable to easily add and remove your favorite switches

    • Supports Plate and PCB Mounted Switches

    • Supports Clip-In or Screw-In Stabilizers
      • Barebones from $169.99!

        • No assembly required (not a kit), just add your favorite switches & keycaps

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        U.K. ISO please!

        February 07, 2021


        UK ISO please :)

        South facing is a pita :(

        February 07, 2021


        ISO please

        February 05, 2021


        Please please please give us news of the ISO version! I know it’s not a very popular request (wink), but I know of at least ONE other person IRL who would buy this in ISO UK instantly.

        February 04, 2021


        If you make an ISO version will be a instabuy from me.

        February 04, 2021

        O Roman:

        ISO + Full-Spectrum Wireless (Bluetooth + 2.4GHz USB) = Industry Leadership

        February 03, 2021


        Azerty… why oh why us poor latins are always last :/

        February 03, 2021


        Since no-one else has brought it up, I’d like to say that I would really like to see ISO version soon!

        February 03, 2021


        ISO = instant purchase for me.

        Please do an iso version, there’s a huge amount of interest for it!

        February 02, 2021


        ISO UK Please, why is every keyboard always US ANSI!!!!

        January 29, 2021


        Where is the delete key?

        January 27, 2021


        Desperate for ISO news!

        January 25, 2021


        Why is ther not a ISO versio ?

        January 25, 2021


        An ISO version would be an instant buy for me and a lot of people
        Ignore the couple people asking for a different layout, they have a lot of other options to choose from already. This layout is perfect

        January 23, 2021


        ISO DE would be nice. Would definitly buy this keyboard.

        January 22, 2021

        James Young:

        UK ISO please? When when when

        January 21, 2021


        ISO PLEASE!

        January 21, 2021



        January 20, 2021


        ISO = Instant pre-buy

        January 18, 2021


        Hi there,

        Just thought I’d add to the flood of comments on a 65% layout. I too would not hesitate for a second to grab this board if it was a 65%, but it’s a hard pass for me at 75%. I’m currently thinking about picking up the bahrnob 65 when it comes into group buy, but I’d much rather buy something more affordably priced. The Bahrnob is also a good example of how to fit all of the features of this board into a 65% layout. Hotswap, separate cluster for arrows and special keys, rotary encoder, 65% layout, and semi-affordably priced is my dream keeb. The GMMK Pro is only missing one check box, and based on the comments this is true for quite a few people.

        Also, just thought I’d also mention that some people seem frustrated that a lot of the comments are focused on bringing a 65% version to market. One commenter mentioned that the market is already flooded with 65%. Sure, that’s true from the standpoint of it seems to probably be the most popular layout right now for group buys, but it is absolutely not true that there is a single 65% with a rotary encoder, key clusters, and gasket mounting for anything even approaching $200 (and certainly nothing you can at some point just “add to cart” whenever you feel like it).

        This is without a doubt a great keyboard for the price, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed you’ll add more layout variants in the future!

        January 14, 2021


        A TKL variant would look very nice. Also, an option for a brass plate would be nice. Beautiful board with an amazing feature set for the price. Wow

        January 12, 2021


        Honestly, the small AltGr will break the iso-version for me. So incredibly sad.

        Sold my FC980M solely because of that stupid decision to make AltGr so small.

        Could have solved it by 2 1,5 keys instead or making the left Win key smaller so the spacebar shifts to the left making room for standard keys to the right of it. My dream is that a 65% version comes, with a better solution for this.

        January 05, 2021


        Would buy both colours immediately if there was an ISO version

        December 30, 2020


        Hope they will use QWERTY layout on ISO keyboard. Love this big ENTER button.

        December 30, 2020


        When will you show the extra knobs, plates that we will be able to buy down the line ?

        E white version ? with gold knob? with my GMK BOW set and a brass artisan keycap…sure thing :)

        December 30, 2020


        A wireless version of this would be perfect!

        December 28, 2020

        Ricardo Ramos:

        ISO = Instabuy from me.

        December 27, 2020


        ISO-Es please, please, please, please, please…. (^.^)

        December 26, 2020


        If there can be a E-white and wireless version, this would literally be perfect! Will these become options down the line?

        December 26, 2020

        Tommy Huynh:

        I purchased this! I can’t wait till it comes! Merry Christmas guys!

        December 25, 2020

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