Introducing the New GMMK White Ice Edition

Glorious HQ

July 20, 2020

You asked for it, we listened. Today, 7/20 at 10AM CST we're releasing a limited first run of the GMMK "White Ice" Edition, only on

Powerful. Clean. Aesthetic.

We've given our award-winning GMMK hot swappable keyboard a glow-up with a gorgeous new colorway and upgraded features. Sporting a beautiful matte-silver body, sandblasted aluminum face-place, and all white double-shot key caps on our minimalist design - this board is an icy-clean showpiece for your battlestation. 

White Ice will come in Full Size, Compact, and TKL. Like all GMMKs, the hot-swappable technology allows you to easily remove and install any mechanical switches and keycaps of your choice. 16.8 million color RGB with multiple built-in effects, and software for macro customizations.

We've also added some sweet upgrades! The White Ice will be the first GMMK with all new improved stabilizers, and the TKL and Compact versions include a detachable USB-C connector (Full Size has a fixed cable).

Quantities in this batch are very limited. Don't miss out or you'll have to wait until they come back in Fall!

NOTE: This is not a preorder or reservation. As of today, we have a small quantity of the keyboard currently in stock in our warehouses. Orders are subject to normal processing times. 


1. How much does it cost?

The GMMK White Ice comes pre-built with Gateron Brown switches for $109.95 + S&H (all models).

2. Can I buy it barebones or substitute the switches/keycaps?

No, you cannot buy White Ice barebones or make any customizations. However, if you want you can add any switches or keycaps of your choice to your order separately (it's super easy to change on this board!)

3. Will White Ice be available with any 3rd party distributors or Amazon?

During this first run it will only be available through our main store at

4. Will it be available in ISO?

Sorry, as of now, the White Ice will only be available in ANSI layout.  

5. If I don't get it now will I ever have a chance to buy it?

Yes, however you might have to wait a while. We plan to bring it back in stock sometime in Fall 2020.



i am cool:

i love it but i am a lil new to this whole thing1 but i was curious if i could get different switches? or is that not a thing

January 15, 2021


Come on Glorious why will you not make your full size keyboard have a detachable usbc? this is industry standard and you would sell a ton of these if you did since you would be the only hot swappable full size on the market. Please do this. I will be your first customer.

December 19, 2020


Which software should I download for the fullsize ansi version of this keyboard? The SN begins with “SS1203”, which I didn’t see on the list of numbers on the software page.

November 22, 2020


Will there be a black version of this? I like the normal gmk, but it doesn’t have usbc. Are there any plans to make one?

November 17, 2020


Will this new version have revisions?

Specifically the Compact model with the most obviously needed revision which is moving the DEL modifier on backspace instead of the ludicrous position it has on the “old” GMMK.

Other things such as macroing would be nice too, but mostly the Del position has me baffled.

September 15, 2020


When is this back in stock? Can we pre-order?

September 03, 2020


Is this come back soon?

September 03, 2020


How long will the shipping be if I order now? I’m currently comparing between this keyboard, Varmillo, and Ducky and I think my ultimate decision will be based on how fast I can get my hands on it.

July 21, 2020


Come on Glorious wheres the QMK support? :)

July 21, 2020

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