Odin is coming. – Glorious PC Gaming Race
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Odin is coming.

No hotel reservation required for purchase.

Coming Q1 2019.


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cant wait, hope there is white paracord version, with built in hyperglides, omfg so good

Dec 07, 2018


Hope these come to Australia, I’m over finalmeme being almost impossible to get here and these actually look better anyway

Dec 05, 2018


Put a well implemented 3360 or better, a paracord cable for super flexibility, remove RGB for it to be even lighter. BOOM You now have the best “ultra light” mouse.

I would like to know more about the technical specifications, like measurements, sensor, switches.

Will there be a pre-order discount or something?
Also, great job on the mouse, looks awesome

Dec 04, 2018


It’s time to pull finalmouse off the throne

Dec 04, 2018

charlie hernandez:

I like it but you should consider putting holes on the left and right sides to compete with final mouses latest.

Dec 03, 2018


thank god someone is sticking it to finalmouse, super hyped!!!

Dec 03, 2018


Will this mouse include extra buttons on the side where your thumb rests? Super Hyped!

Dec 03, 2018


I hope Glorious stomps the arrogance out of Finalmouse, I really do. I understand Glorious isn’t on the same scale production wise as someone like Logitech, so it would be extremely hard to create a high end wireless device/system by themselves. However, my dream is that someone makes a full size mouse&keyboard pad that also has inductive charging for wireless peripherals. The thing that is keeping me away from going totally wireless is that I don’t want to use Logitech or Razer’s ugly small mouse pad, I like my Glorious mousepad better – it looks cleaner on a desk rather than having two different pads for keyboard and my mouse.

Dec 03, 2018

Dustin Doucette:

BRO, a finalmouse with rgb and cheaper price tag? count me in!!!!! and announced on my bday!

Dec 03, 2018

Bentley Ain:

Will there be any cable be braided, rubber, or something else?

Dec 02, 2018

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