The Dawn Of A Gaming Mouse Revolution – Glorious PC Gaming Race
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The Dawn Of A Gaming Mouse Revolution

So light you will fly to Valhalla. 

Reshaping the Gaming Mouse market.

Gone are the days of overpriced garbage.

Better hang in there.

Coming soon, Q1 2019.


March 2019 Update:
Learn more about reserving your Model O here (US and international customers).
Learn more about pre-ordering from EU websites here.
Read the first impressions from Menismyforte here.


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What’s his sensor

Feb 28, 2019


I love how this mouse is a mystery, kinda seems like a joke??? I hope I’m wrong!

Feb 10, 2019


What sensor does it have? Someone please reply

Feb 06, 2019


Hi I was wondering when can I get this mouse would really appreciate if you get back to me asap

Jan 30, 2019


nice mouse I hope it has side buttons

Jan 13, 2019


Make the mousewheel better and ship on time and you’ll beat Finalmouse.

Jan 12, 2019


In order to not be seen as a finalmouse rip off you guys must make a paracord, great rgb, possibly being lighter than air 58, have betyer senseor than air 58 and have better clicks than the air 58.

Jan 12, 2019


Used “The glorious GMMK” for almost half a year now with Blue and White KailH switches. Absolutely in love with the keyboard. Hopefully this mouse won’t disappoint either!

Jan 02, 2019

Hoit Tuh:

Make sure it has paracord or the option to do one.

Dec 30, 2018


It’s the 25th today and still no word. It says its coming late 2018 so they’ve got 6 days. Fingers crossed it’s cheap, hopefully £80 / $90 range.

Dec 25, 2018

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