The Glorious Odin is coming. – Glorious PC Gaming Race
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The Glorious Odin is coming.

So light you will fly to Valhalla. 

Reshaping the Gaming Mouse market.

Gone are the days of overpriced garbage.

Better hang in there.

Coming soon, late 2018.

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please don’t make it so it can be wireless and wired and it should have rob and 3 side buttons.

Sep 11, 2018

Mathias Torvik:

Please make it wireless!! I would love to pay more for a wireless version.

Sep 08, 2018


Please have a black and white option!

Sep 07, 2018


Plzzz keep rgb and have 3 buttons plzz

Sep 07, 2018


me2 i love my ie 3.0

Sep 06, 2018


For me best shape most important
Waiting new mouse like a IE 3.0 STILL BEST SHAPE

Sep 06, 2018


Can not understand how people could ask for a MMO/RTS multiple button mouse.


Besides that, onto the teaser pic:

1. PLEASE DO NOT include a useless RGB feature (if that increases the endproduct price by a significant margin)
2. SHAPE! The factor that most otherwise good gaming mouse lack is a perfect shape. Zowie/Finalmouse are by no means knows for their build quality but what they offer is a great shape/weight/design. Especially on the Zowie mice like the FK/EC-Series one can see that even with an outdated/inferior sensor, these mice are still used and sold for their shape.
All time favorites of many people are:

Microsoft WMO (can’t praise the shape enough, it’s with no doubt the best if you want to satisfy a wide range of hand sizes/grip styles)
Zowie FK-Series
Zowie EC-Series
Logitech MX518
Steelseries Xai/Sensei

3. WEIGHT! The main reason why Finalmouse is so successful with low quality products is their low weight design. I am glad that you copied that, please try to go even lower and improve the build quality
4. CABLE: Paracord/Paracable or something similar. Low weight, elastic/flexible.
5. SENSOR: 3366/89 is pretty much standard and nothing that will give you a USP these days. BUT: What very little companies care about and could be an enormous advantage is the PCB/MCU and its firmware and the SENSOR POSITION. Why not try to include an adjustable sensor position like the Ninox Astrum? At least do not make the mistake and use a sensor position that is too low/too far in the back as this is a nogo for most grip-types and especially in fast fps games that are so popular these days.

I didn’t include switches nor mouse feet because the range of preferences is so wide that it is not objectively possible to give a recommendation on those topics.

Sep 05, 2018


@Shorty, just because it has a hollow-body interior doesn’t make it a rip-off, that’s like saying every ergonomic gaming mouse is a rip-off of the razer deathadder or logitech g403. If Glorious’s endgame is to make a relatively cheap, lightweight professional grade mouse, I fail to see why saying it simply looks like a product already on the market makes it inferior.

Sep 04, 2018

Ian Hall:

Just because it’s hollow doesn’t make it a rip off of a finalmouse. You don’t even know the size/shape or materials. If you don’t want one don’t get it.

Finalmouse user

Sep 04, 2018


I can’t wait to try it. Hopefully it has a good sensor and feels right in the hand. Side buttons are not a must but would be nice.

Sep 04, 2018

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