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Welcome, Model O



Say hello to the Glorious Model O.

The first of four.

Q1 2019





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Liam Crist:

Hey guys I just want to say that if you have issues with the cable then I recommend waiting until glorious updates the packaging because that is what makes it so messed Up, if you can’t wait then just get a paranoid and watch a video on how to do so without breaking the mouse

Oct 12, 2019


Just dropped by to say: I bought the Glorious Gaming Mouse Race Model O black, and I lack words to say how satiesfied I am with this product. Thanks and good job making and selling it ! :D */*

Oct 08, 2019

Diego :

I just contacted customer support about my mouse disconnecting every time I would swipe with my mouse or take it off its mouse pad and about 10 minutes later the mouse doesn’t connect at all. I am saddened about what happen to my mouse and I’m hoping for a refund or having it fixed. I really love this mouse and I have improved my skills in game because of the mouse but it doesn’t work now which is unfortunate. Hope customer support gets back to me.

Sep 30, 2019


hey there bought my mouse a couple of weeks ago and the shoelace wire is faulty is keeps on disconnecting from my mouse and I would like to get a replacement/ where could I find one??

Sep 14, 2019


I also echo others here and request you consider us lefties, so few options out there for us.

Aug 26, 2019


i hope you would make a mouse for left handed people aswell, maybe putting changeable buttons like in the g pro wireless, or no side buttons at all.

Aug 01, 2019

David Bentley:

just checking up that u got my order thru cause I didn’t get a msg to my phone like it said I would about the order confirming

Jul 31, 2019


Bring it out with Sidebuttons on Ride Site for Lefthand Competive Players!!!!!!!!!

Jul 11, 2019


I order the mouse 16th last month still not get my mouse
more than 20 days

when do I receive my mouse ?

Jul 05, 2019

Ron Rossman:

So just like every other decent product these days, this is backordered and other people selling for 3x the price or more online, when can we expect to actually be able to buy this product? No one ever makes enough of their product it seems.

Jun 18, 2019

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