Welcome, Model O – Glorious PC Gaming Race
Welcome, Model O



Say hello to the Glorious Model O.

The first of four.

Q1 2019





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do you make left handed mouses?


Aug 06, 2020


Plugged the mouse in and it worked fine. Downloaded the firmware update and it was stuck on waiting. I guess that means that it already has the latest firmware. Installed the software and played with the settings. Tried to apply the settings and got a ton of errors. Now I can’t even use the mouse. Only the buttons and the RGB work. Is there a solution to this? Looks like a long comment history of issues…

Jun 15, 2020

Xavier Moles:

I just bought this mouse and leds light up but my pc won’t detect it. Any solution?

Jun 15, 2020

Daryl Wright:

It seems there are issues with this mouse. I was going to buy one but curious if these issues have been resolved?

May 11, 2020


I have a glorious model O, all of a sudden stopped working. I connect it to my PC and the LED work but mouse does not move / click. I get a message from windows saying “USB Device not recognized” and that it malfunctioned. Not even the glorious software recognizes the mouse either.

Apr 07, 2020

Michael van Vuren:

I bought a new Model O 67Gmatte black and when i connect USB nothing happens not even my PC recognizes it. Is there any solution?

Apr 06, 2020


Hey. I need some help with my Model-o light. The Mouse sometimes just stop working, like the hole mouse. i do not know if you guys can help but if you can i wuld be were grateful. It is annoying when i am playing a game and then the mouse just out of nowhere stop working for like 2 seconds.

Apr 04, 2020

Dalton Johnson:

I have a Model O. The sensor seems to be stuttering in game when i swipe or flick for about .5 sec. any fixes?

Mar 06, 2020


When i try to run the software it tells me that my device is disconnected please reply to as soon as possible, thank you.


Feb 14, 2020

Kanaan Guerrero:

I have the model 0 mouse and the lights continually blink. I can’t get it to stop and stay on one color. Please help!!

Jan 26, 2020

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