Welcome, Model O – Glorious PC Gaming Race
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Welcome, Model O



Say hello to the Glorious Model O.

The first of four.

Q1 2019





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Garett Ruch:

I just got mine in today, won it from a giveaway. Lots of respect for this mouse, it is really nice and fits great to my hand

May 18, 2019


I loooooooove Ms. Garret

May 13, 2019


Is it releasing first thing on May or the last few days of may?

Apr 13, 2019

Lihuang Zheng:

Hi, if I paid the reservation. Will I able to get the mouse sooner? Because the final release will be May right?

Mar 28, 2019


When will Model D, I, N be releasing? Approx dates?

I am very much looking forward to a mouse wth the shape of a ec-1.

Mar 26, 2019


I hgope we get some kind of news no matter how small. It has been nearly a month since this was shown and there has been no information about it since then.

Feb 16, 2019


I really hope it comes out soon. Does anyone one have a specific date for the mouse? Also, I hope it has a good sensor, it will make or break the mouse. I also hope that I will be able to change the rgb to a solid color (Purple).

Feb 15, 2019


Is there going to be video of the mouse? or maybe a 360 shot of it if you guys have prototypes I would love to see this mouse up close with someone reviewing it. also are we going to be able to preorder this mouse anytime soon? or is it just going to be a open release with no preorders

Feb 12, 2019


although it may not be para-corded it may be similar, look at finalmouse.

Feb 11, 2019


When, oh when will pre-orders come? Waiting is hard.

Feb 10, 2019

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