O-Ring Switch Dampeners

Dampen the noise and adjust thefeel of your MX switches. Compatible with RGB lights on your keyboard.Comes in various sizes.

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O-Ring Switch Dampeners
O-Ring Switch Dampeners

Dampen the noise and adjust the feel of your MX switches. Compatible with RGB lights on your keyboard. Comes in various sizes. 


When mechanical switches "bottom out" they make a distinct clicking noise that mechanical keyboards are famous for. Different switches bottom out to different amounts of noise, but there's no doubt that all mechanical keyboards are loud - much louder than their digital counterparts. If you're playing video games and voice chatting at the same time, or you record yourself while you type, the clicking sound will invariably end up on the recording. That sound is also quite annoying for anyone who is in the room with you while you type. 

To circumvent this problem, you can grab a set of O-Ring Switch Dampeners. They cushion the blow of the switch and the keycap and make your typing experience all the more silent. They also change the way your keys feel to the touch, as you type, softening the blow. We've got a couple of dampener varieties to choose from, perfect for ultimate keyboard customization. Our O-rings are also backlight LED compatible, so they do not interfere with your RGB keyboard

Each package comes with 120pcs of Glorious O-Rings. 

Type Thickness Hardness* Material Color Result
40A - Thick 2.5mm (⇔ 0.098 inch) 40A Silicone  Clear/Translucent Soft press, short press length
40A - Thin 1.5mm (⇔ 0.059 inch) 40A Silicone  Clear/Translucent Soft press, long press length
70A - Thick 2.5mm (⇔ 0.098 inch) 70A  Silicone  Clear/Translucent Hard press, short press length
70 - Thin 1.5mm (⇔ 0.059 inch) 70A  Silicone  Clear/Translucent Hard press, long press length


  •  The thickness of the dampener indicates how much it will shorten the distance you must press the key before it's registered. A thick 2.5mm dampener will make it so that you have to press your keys a very short distance before they register as pressed.
  • The hardness of the dampener helps you understand how the key will feel to the touch when pressed. Lower values mean the key will feel softer to the touch.

* 40A means a material hardness of 40 on the Shore Durometer A Scale - Higher values indicated harder materials.

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Customer Reviews

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Luis B.

O-Ring Switch Dampeners

Mungo Z.
Thick and Thin O-Rings do the Thing!

Ordered 1 pack of Thin and Thick O-RIngs to try out each.

Installed Thick O-RIng on Redragon K585 DITI with Blue Outemu switches I had bought on clearance for 20$. Prior to installing O-Rings, very loud click from switches and ring out from shell. After installing O-Ring the switch click notably dampened on all keys and ring out lessened. The reduced travel is an added bonus, and I also found the macro keys (possibly all keys) had less of a wobbly feel or rattle.

I did also try the Thin O-Ring on the K585 but the Thick felt better and offered more sound reduction.

Full disclosure, after adding the Thick O-Rings I cut up a dollar store mouse pad and layered it under the PCB (no glue), for added sound deadening.

I also tested both Thick and Thin O-Ring on my HyperX Alloy 60. The Thick didn't feel at all right for me. The Thin do perform as expected, but I have found I prefer this KB with no O-Ring for both feel and sounds.

I rated the O-Ring 5/5 as they do what I expected, but more so that it turned my discount K585 into a rather enjoyable KB to use for FPS gaming.

Crista L.

When we’re they shipped? Never received the order.

William M.

O-Ring Switch Dampeners

Michael H.

They work perfectly. A bit softer than I expected but great overall