GMMK - Customized
GMMK - Customized GMMK - Customized GMMK - Customized Mechanical Keyboard - Glorious Modular RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Barebones) V2 Mechanical Keyboard - Glorious Modular RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Barebones) V2 Mechanical Keyboard - Glorious Modular RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Barebones) V2 GMMK - Customized GMMK - Customized

GMMK - Customized

100% Money Back Guarantee

Want Brown Switches? Check out the GMMK RGB Pre-Built version with Brown switches here.

Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Trying out different switches, replacing old ones, and matching several types of mechanical keyboard switches used to be difficult and required extreme technical skill. The GMMK is the world’s first mechanical keyboard featuring hot-swappable switches for Cherry, Gateron, and Kailh branded switches.

Ever wonder what Gateron Blues felt like? Or what is the craze behind the Cherry MX clears? Want to use Gateron Reds for your WASD, but Gateron Blacks for all your other keys? With the GMMK, you no longer have to purchase an entire new keyboard, or disassemble and solder your switches – you can simply pop out the switch just like a keycap, and mix/match to test out and use any combination of switches you desire.

Armed with a glorious sandblasted aluminum face plate, 100% anti-ghosting (full NRKO), LED back lighting (several modes), modular switches, double shot injection keycaps, and minimalistic design - The GMMK is revolutionizing the mechanical keyboard market, giving users full control without needing any technical experience.

This is the last keyboard you will ever need to buy. 

< 5 seconds to replace a switch
Easily remove keycaps & switches for your entire keyboard. Use any combo and brand of a compatible MX switch.
Choose the switch that you want
We offer 6 different Gateron switches. Each switch has its own unique feel, sound, and experience. Tailor your gaming experience to your needs.

User defined macros
Create and assign macros to any key with our GMMK software.
Functional form
3-Way Cable Routing for cable management. Keycap puller holder. Rubber feet and pads to prevent your keyboard from sliding.

Discreet LED indicators
Soft Nums/Caps/Scroll lock lighting that is easy on the eyes.
Attention to detail
High quality gold-plated and non-removable braided USB cable.
Sandblasted Aluminum Faceplate
Professional-grade aluminum delivers a premium look and feel.


Artisan ESC Keys
Comes with an alternative ESC key if you prefer an all-black look.
What's in the box?
Glorious sticker, keycap puller, switch puller artisan and default ESC keys.
Multimedia Hot-Keys
Easy to access multimedia and other functions.

Product Features:

  • Full modular, mechanical keys - Hot-swappable switches. Easily remove and install any MX-based switch without any soldering. Personalize to what works for you, and use any combinations of switches!
  • LED Backlighting - RGB LED lights with 18 pre-installed effects and 1 slot for user-defined effect. Variable animation speeds and brightness settings. 
  • Easy Access Hot-Keys - Directly access shortcuts to productivity, internet and multimedia functions
  • Sandblasted Aluminum Faceplate - Professional-grade aluminum delivers a premium look and feel
  • Raised Keys, Minimalist design - No visible branding on keyboard to make your battlestation look clean as possible. Raised key design allows you to easily clean your keyboard. 


  • Model: GMMK-RGB
  • Prebuilt? No, will require installation of switches/keycaps before use. Pre-Built version available here
  • Mechanical Switch: REQUIRED, NOT INCLUDED
  • Cherry Stabilizers Included
  • 104 Key Standard QWERTY layout (ANSI)
  • 100% Anti-Ghosting
  • N-Key Rollover: Full NKRO via USB, or 6KRO
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Backlight: 16.8 million colors RGB 
  • Cord Length: 6 ft. Braided
  • Hotkeys: My Computer, Web Browser, Calculator, Media Player, Previous Track, Next Track, Play/Pause, Stop, Mute, Volume Decrease, Volume Increase
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 440 x 129 x 35.9 mm | 17.3 x 5.1 x 1.4 inches
  • Weight: 2.1lbs (940g)

System Requirements

  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or Mac OS or Linux (Hotkey+Software functions only work on Windows)

Included in Box:

  • GMMK-RGB keyboard
  • Manual / Quick Start Guide
  • Keycap Puller Tool
  • Switch Puller Tool
  • Glorious PC Gaming Race sticker

1 year limited Manufacturer Warranty

The GMMK is designed to work the following switch brands: Cherry, Gateron, Kailh. We currently sell Gateron GMMK-compatible switches on our website

Although other brands of switches besides Cherry/Gateron/Kailh will fit, they may be loose or have a tighter fit than normal. 

There are several types of Cherry/Gateron/Kailh switches available. These are the specific requirements for the type of switches that are compatible


  • Cherry / Gateron / Kailh Branded (3 pin)
  • Plate Mounted - PCB mounted switches have extra legs on them that can be cut off to make them plate mounted. There are some DIY guides out there on how to do this. 
  • SMD LED Compatible Switches - This is optional if you want to have the backlight function as a non LED switch would block the light. Cherry/Kalih do not make SMD-LED switches, but back LED ones which would also work. For the best LED performance, a SMD-LED such as the ones made by Gateron are recommended. 

Other types of confirmed working switches:

  • Zealios (plate mounted, or legs cut off on PCB mounted version)


Video of how to swap switches on the GMMK

How long does it take to assembly the Barebones version and do I need any tools?

  • No extra tools are needed to put together the Barebones version.
  • Total assembly takes around 20-45 minutes 

What is the difference between the Barebone and the Pre-Built version of keyboard?

  • The Prebuilt version comes pre-installed with black keycaps and Gateron Brown switches.
  • The Barebones version allows you to select your switch and/or keycaps and requires you to install the switches/keycaps before use.  

Where can I buy compatible switches?

  • Right here!. You also get a special bundle rate if you buy the switch with the keyboard on this page. 

Does the GMMK come with any pre-installed switches/keycaps?

Does the GMMK come with any pre-installed stabilizers?

Yes, all our boards come pre-installed with Cherry stabilizers. 

Can I use any combination of switches?

  • Yes

Can I swap switches while the keyboard is powered on?

  • Yes, and is recommended so you can test to see if the switch was properly inserted.

Can LED's be disabled?

  • Yes

How hard is it to replace/swap out switches?

  • Takes about a few seconds to replace each switch. As easy as plugging in a USB!

Is there a standard bottom row? Can I use other keycap sets?

  • Yes standard bottom row, and standard layout. Any MX style keycap with standard layout will work fine. 

Can I use a non-LED switch with this keyboard?

  • Yes

Is the USB cable detachable?

  • No

Is the backlight RGB?

  • Yes. 16.8 million colors. Can be controlled via keyboard or external software.  

Is there a TKL version of this keyboard?

  • It is currently being developed, it will be sometime in Q3-Q4 2017. 

Am I beautiful?

  • Maybe
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Customer Reviews

Based on 269 reviews
A title

Quality is good and hot swap switches are really good. Only flaws are software is a little confusing and stabilizers could be better. Also wish it came in white. Can't comment on switches or keycaps as mine was barebones Regardless very happy with my purchase


The person that put on the screw is using a powertool i auspect because my whole keyboard aluminium frame on the screw points are bent and distorted and so is the pcb, making some spot where the switches are inserted in not able to click in and when i remove the keycap the whole switch will come off with it.

Great keyboard for the price

What I like-

I like the idea of being able to swap my switches if I want to. I like to try new things and this makes it much more cost effective for me.
I like the simple design of the keyboard. I try to keep my peripherals pretty plain looking and this keyboard fits right in.
For what this keyboard has to offer I think the price point is pretty nice.
Installation was dead simple and took no time at all.
The RGB lighting and options are pretty nice. The lighting does have a bit of red tint to it which isn't ideal f you want white lighting but this can easily be fixed by shifting the color of your lighting to a lighter blue to counteract the red. Would like to see more accurate color from the lights in the future.
Free Shipping was a nice incentive to grab an extra pack of switches because the price evened out for me.

What I dislike-

The space bar is a bit rattly which might be bothersome but I don't notice it too much.
Some of the switches in the center of my keyboard don't fully latch in. I think the PCB of the keyboard is a bit to far away from the frame. The switches don't wobble or anything but when removing the keycaps for those switches they do tend to just pull out the entire switch which is a bit annoying.
I don't find the font of the keys to be as atrocious as some people make it out to be, but the gamer type font is a bit gimmicky in my opinion.
I wasn't a fan of the shipping. It was a bit slow and shipping options which included 2 different couriers make me nervous because the package has to changes hands so many times.

Great base for your project. TKL base

Loved everything and thoroughly impressed by quality. 2 issues I would love to be addressed though, not very stable with folded back legs, need better pads and software installs shortcut without run as admin, you have to manually set shortcut to run as admin, otherwise it doesn't work

Nice keyboard

Overall very happy with this keyboard. Went with the Gateron green switches and white keycaps. Nice clicky sound and good heavier feel. The only minor issue was a slightly bent plate, which was fixed by backing out the screws just a bit.