Glorious Padded Keyboard Wrist Rest - Stealth Edition

The most comfortable padded wrist rest to pair up with your gaming keyboard. Foam core interior and smooth cloth surface. 

Glorious 3XL Extended - 24"x48" - Stealth Edition

The world's largest gaming mousepad! Unlimited mouse space. Ideal for the truly worthy gamer. 24x48in / 61x122cm

Glorious Padded Mouse Wrist Rest - Stealth Edition

The ultimate ergonomic mouse wrist support. Padded foam core interior and smooth cloth surface. Spawn camp in comfort

Glorious XXL Extended - 18"x36" - Stealth Edition

Designed for gamers with large desk space, that crave even more mouse room. Ideal for the serious gamer. 18x36in / 46x91cm.

Glorious Extended - 11"x36" - Stealth Edition

The ultimate extended mouse pad that supports both your gaming keyboard and mouse. 11x36in / 28x91cm

Glorious XL - 16"x18" - Stealth Edition

The ideal choice for the competitive PC gamer using low sensitivity or high resolution. 16x18in / 41x46cm, 2 or 5mm<

Glorious XL Extended - 14"x24" - Stealth Edition

Ideal for gamers with smaller desk space and keyboards that still need tons of room for their mouse. 14x24in / 36x61cm 

Glorious Large - 11"x13" - Stealth Edition

The "smallest" size we offer. Designed for the casual gamer or the diligent office worker. 11x13in / 28x33cm.