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Model O Current Backorder Status - Wave 4 shipped

We are happy to report that our Model O shipment arrived early and we were able to fulfill all of the Wave 4, Model O orders as of today. (Estimated restock...

July 12, 2019 - 4 COMMENTS


Model O Post-Launch Analysis and Public Transparency Report

Photo credit: @ChandlerBeers With the first month of the Model O launch behind us, I wanted to take some time and discuss how it all went. You've all been instrumental...

June 20, 2019 - 61 COMMENTS


Is Glorious Model O Available on Amazon

You've just seen a Glorious Model O Amazon listing and you can finally proceed with purchasing the world's lightest RGB gaming mouse. But wait! Something about the price or the...

May 23, 2019 - 18 COMMENTS


Glorious Model O - Launch Information

  The Model O launch is about 24 hours away. The Model O will be available to purchase on May 18, 2019, starting at 11:00 AM CST.While it is impossible...

May 17, 2019 - 28 COMMENTS


Glorious Model O Launch Date

The time has come. You may have missed out on reservations, but have no fear, you’ll soon be able to buy your Model O. May 18, 2019, at 11:00 AM...

May 01, 2019 - 30 COMMENTS


Glorious Helios and GMMK Compact reviews and recommendations

We already released 2 products this year - the Glorious Helios mousepad (our ultra-thin plastic gaming mousepad) and the long-awaited GMMK Compact (a 60% version of our keyboard). Both products...

April 07, 2019 - 1 COMMENTS


Glorious Model O Reservations are now closed.

Model O Reservations are now closed. Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in making this project a reality! We are eternally grateful for your continued trust and...

March 24, 2019 - 20 COMMENTS


Sharing the compact GMMK love from our fans

Our brand new compact GMMK was released 2.5 weeks ago. With it, we also introduced some changes, like the prelubed stabilizers and the heavier base, as well as some other...

March 17, 2019 - 0 COMMENTS


Glorious Model O - Australia Pre-Order Information

More information for our Australian customers, we have more specific information regarding the Model O launch and how you can pre-order it locally.  Pre-Orders for the Australia region will take place...

March 07, 2019 - 4 COMMENTS


Glorious Model O - European Pre-Order Information

For our European customers, we have more specific information regarding the Model O launch and how you can pre-order it locally. Pre-Orders for the EU region will take place on March...

March 07, 2019 - 38 COMMENTS


Glorious Model O Reservations Information

We know you’ve been waiting patiently. It’s almost time. Model O reservations will be open from March 9 2019, 11AM CST, to March 23 2019, 11:59PM CST. UPDATE Model O...

March 05, 2019 - 54 COMMENTS


The GMMK Compact and International ISO GMMK Models have landed.

Thought we might end the month without a bang, didn't you? Well then, we are super-happy to announce that we now have a GMMK available for everyone's needs. Say hello...

February 28, 2019 - 13 COMMENTS


Model O - Absolute Unit.

  Absolute Unit. Reservations start in March 2019.                                            ...

February 25, 2019 - 100 COMMENTS


Don't forget to download the GMMK software for your keyboard

Once you get your hands on the GMMK, all you need to do is plug it into your PC and that's it! You can play with all the switches and...

February 24, 2019 - 34 COMMENTS


Glorious Model O - Reservations start in March 2019

  We made a mouse that people will actually be able to buy.Reservations (and full specs) for Model O open up in March 2019. Anyone that wants to get our mouse...

February 16, 2019 - 33 COMMENTS


GMMK International ISO for Full / TKL / Compact. Coming...

Yep - it is finally happening. With the growth of our Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard (GMMK), the option for an international ISO version of the GMMK has been the #1...

February 11, 2019 - 12 COMMENTS


GMMK Compact - Coming Febuary 2019

You have been asking and it is finally happening! Our GMMK is finally coming out with a 61-key compact size. Featuring a fully refreshed body, and built-in sound-dampening acoustics. Fully...

January 31, 2019 - 38 COMMENTS


Sharing Glorious gaming battlestations from our fans - part 3

*Featured image by EricBlackwell1 We love getting photos of your gaming battlestations where we get to see some Glorious gear. It just goes to show us that your creativity knows...

January 27, 2019 - 0 COMMENTS


Welcome, Model O

  O.D.I.N  Say hello to the Glorious Model O. The first of four. Q1 2019                              ...

January 21, 2019 - 129 COMMENTS


Check out our ultra-thin mouse pad, the Glorious Helios

Hey, we get it! Our stitched cloth mousepads are really comfortable. They make your mouse glide much better, plus they can also support your keyboard (provided you choose the extended...

January 13, 2019 - 0 COMMENTS