Game Together. Give Together.
Friday April 3rd @ 8:00 AM CST
Give Gloriously is uniting gamers to help fund the fight against COVID-19. All donations will benefit organizations supporting vaccine reasearch and community-level response.
GOAL: $25,000
Start Time
Friday April 3rd 8:00 AM CST
End Time
Thursday April 30th 12:00 AM CST

As COVID-19 wreaks havoc on global economies and healthcare systems, it has also already personally affected billions of everyday people. Young and old, rich and poor, developed and developing nations, this virus is becoming "the great equalizer" of our time - uniting the world in a common struggle. But there are ways you can help! Many great non-profit organizations around the globe have mobilized to fight back - supporting endeavors from scientific research, to aiding people and small businesses who have been hit the hardest. These groups are in critical need of funding.

Give Gloriously is rallying gamers to support the cause. Through our network of gaming enthusiasts and partners, Glorious is raising money to benefit 2 great organizations. One is facilitating funding of international vaccine research efforts, the other is working to help members of our local community. Your donation will be put to great use against the devastating effects of COVID-19.

Thank you so much for your support - every donation is appreciated!

Stay Glorious.

Friday April 10, 2020
Toasty Bros
12:00PM -3:00PM EST

CEPI (the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations) is an innovative partnership between public, private, philanthropic, and civil organisations, launched at Davos in 2017, to develop vaccines to stop future epidemics. CEPI is urgently coordinating with global health authorities and partners to rapidly develop vaccines against COVID-19. So far, CEPI has initiated nine partnerships to improve understanding and develop vaccines against the disease. CEPI aims to advance vaccines into clinical testing as soon as possible, and to make several vaccines available for broad use.

Communities Foundation of Texas has established the North Texas Community Response Fund, that will be used to support community needs in response to COVID-19. Donations to this fund will be used to provide support for organizations that work with people and communities who may be most affected by COVID-19. This will likely include support for individuals and families who need access to food and/or healthcare, supplementing lost wages and/or housing costs or support for agencies who work with vulnerable populations such as seniors and/or homeless.