Glorious Core Changelog

Keep up with the latest additions to the Glorious Core.


  • Resolved issues where some users were getting anti-virus software triggers
  • Resolved issue where updating firmware was failing
  • Resolved issue where updating Glorious Core was failing
  • Added the ability to force/retry firmware updates
  • Clearer UI/UX for install and download flows
  • Other minor bugs and UI updates

    1. Disable all firewall and antivirus before installation
    2. Run Glorious Core Setup EXE in **Administrator Mode**
    3. Click Install
    4. Launch app icon titled Glorious Core to open software ( **Administrator Mode** )


    1. Plug in Model O Wireless
    2. Allow software to detect mouse (1-5 seconds)
    3. Software may detect new Firmware or Update for Glorious Core
    4. Click download on the pop up then Glorious Core will auto update
    5. After updates/installation your app will restart
    6. Simply begin customizing your new Model O Wireless