Glorious Referral Program
Get paid to ascend your friends. 

At Glorious PC Gaming Race, we're all about sharing our love and passion for PC Gaming. That's why we consider it our solemn duty to show our peasants friends the light of PC gaming and pull them away from the plague known as consoles.

So, why not get paid for your loyalty? For a limited time, we are trying out a new promotion for our customers. Refer a friend and get them 15% off their order (works with our mechanical keyboards, too!). You get 10% of the amount back, in cash, of your friend's order total (paid via PayPal at the end of the month)!

Where do I get a referral from? The easiest way is to ask a friend, but Reddit/discussion forums/reviews are also an easy way to secure a code.

The Glorious Referral program is currently in beta and in testing. Changes can be made anytime to offer. Cashback is paid via Paypal only at the end of the month. All referrals are approved within 14 days of a referral being made (this is to validate and make sure order isn't fraudulent).  There currently is no cap to the cash-back you can earn from referrals. Discount codes cannot be stacked on referral promo codes. Discounts do not apply on any sale items but do work on any bundle items. Any referral codes posted to coupon code sites or extensions will have their referrals voided. 15% coupon code only valid for first-time customers and if total order value is above $99.99. We are using the ReferalCandy platform to power all our referrals.