The Glorious PC Gaming Race theme revolves around the ideology that PC gamers are the elite of the gaming community, and it is our job to help other peasants (aka console gamers), to find the true path of gaming. The Glorious PC Gaming Race is a brotherhood/sisterhood, and we pride ourselves on our PC battlestation setups (aka "shrines").

The Glorious PC Gaming Race brand was inspired by the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race community. If you wish to learn more, and be apart of this culture and community, you can check out the official subreddit here.

We are in no way associated with the subreddit/community. The reason we do not include the word "Master Race" in our product names is to distinguish ourselves from the existing community, and to stay politically correct for those not familiar with the term. 


The problem with consoles. 

The PC and all gaming consoles share one thing in common; at their core they are all computers.  A PC, however, is a computer with options.  A PC has a great deal of freedom and functionality, allowing for an almost limitless amount of modifications, both in terms of performance and cosmetics.  While PC stands for Personal Computer, which allows for personalization, a console is likened to an EC (you heard it hear first), an Everyone Computer, because everyone gets the exact same underwhelming product.

Consoles, by comparison, are noise boxes with very limited functionality.  Often times console gamers will wait years just to receive a system update that will allow their console of choice to do yet another function that was already possible on the PC.

When a console comes out, if a person chooses to purchase one, they are locked into playing overpriced games on a system with set technology specs (that are already behind what's possible at the time of release) for a minimum of 4-5 years before a newer generation console is released.  In that time, the specs for that console will have long sense become obsolete, and once that console's life cycle is diminished, it becomes even more useless.  In that time, a console gamer will already have been milked for more and more hard earned money for features that should have been free for purchasing the console in the first place.  

Console manufactures lure gamers in by hijacking various titles and making them exclusives, totally unnecessarily, while not even maximizing the full potential of the game developer's capabilities.  In the past, consoles were capable of surpassing the gaming performance of the PC, but times have changed and the modern day consoles are inferior to the PC so they have worn out their usefulness.


 So why are the PC Gamers elite?

We are in the age of technology, and consoles are inherently incapable of keeping up with PC in terms of performance because innovation drives the gaming community's access to superior specs forward in a way that consoles cannot logistically measure up to with their homogeneous offerings.  A PC can always be updated with the latest and greatest hardware, but that is not the case with a console, where you're lucky if you can just get  reasonable additional storage space.

PC gamers are therefore superior, with far more glorious graphics and resolutions, better frame rates, access to far greater peripherals and hardware, and far more.

This is why people who are solely console gamers are referred to as peasants. It is because they either lack the knowledge, will, budget, or a combination thereof, to maximize the potential gaming experience that a PC gamer is privy to.


The Gamer Hierarchy

The hierarchy of the Glorious PC Gaming Race is how we rank various gaming platforms. Best summarized in this picture:  

  • PC - The ultimate, and only true way to game. These gamers have seen the true light. 
  • Notebook Nobles - Acceptable way of gaming, but slightly less glorious. Understandable exception for those who constantly travel and choices are limited. We assume any notebook gamer also has a PC gaming rig. 
  • Apple Heathens - lol. 
  • Filthy Console Peasants - These poor people are stuck in darkness. They believe they are getting the best gaming experience, but modern advertising and society have blinded them to the light. We must help them.  


Our purpose. 

Now that you have been educated on the issue, what can we do about it? The Glorious PC Gaming Race community has been commonly associated as a hostile console-bashing community.

This my fellow glorious brothers and sisters is not what we stand for. Our role should be to enlighten, educate, and motivate our fellow peasant console gamers, to make the switch to the Glorious PC Gaming Race.

We must teach them our ways, and show them the true power PC gaming holds. 


Please note Glorious PC Gaming Race LLC has no affiliation with: Reddit/PCMasterRace subreddit.