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Scott L.

Glorious Aura Keycaps v2

At first blush quite nice.

Got these at a friend's recommendation since he gets hardware from Glorious, he swears by the mechanical keyboards and I needed to get some new keycaps since the ones I had were starting to wear out. I'm no keyboard enthusiast unlike him so I took his word for it and got the keys here.

The kit came with the keycap remover and keys were bagged for various setups and locations. The KB I had seemed to have weaker lights compared to most so the red was a little dull BUT, I took the spares and slapped them onto an AZIO keyboard I had and they looked quite nice since it had a much stronger LED. Excellent feeling keys, standard profile, makes it feel new again, a solid set of replacement keys; would recommend for just about any LED keyboard. Full disclosure, only been using them for about a month, no signs of degradation but if something comes up I'll follow up here.

Yves P.
Great product

As expected, good quality. The texture is good and doesn’t feel cheap or would wear off easily.

Konstantinos N.
Better than expected

Nice caps!

Mike B.
Just as Promised

Nice does not do these justice. I am using them on a GMMK Pro with blue Gaterons (don't care about the neighbors). Be aware that the south-facing LEDs will not illuminate the top of the keys well with this combo. But the pudding sides are as bright as you could want.