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J S.

Glorious GMMK 2 White 96% Prebuilt

Edward V.
Great build quality

Love the build quality and feel of the keyboard and switches. Has a nice weight to it and sound when typing. The size is perfect too considering i had the original GMMK TKL.

Rodney R.
Almost perfect

Everything came and worked just fine; however, my keyboard [GMMK2 White 96% Prebuilt] did not come with a PrtSc key, it instead has a ScrLk. Now I know they are practically the same key but if we're going for accuracy to the image shown, it is not a match.

I am happy that the Yellow Glorious keycap had a replacement Esc. I was going to replace it anyway with a resin key anyway but if I were to go completely white, I have that option.

Additionally [though this is completely up to you for aesthetics] if you guys could update the GloriousCore app and either allow users to change the images shown to their respective device color, or have the app be able to recognize whether or not it is a white device. I know this is knitpicking and unimportant but seeing the black Glorious O & the Black GMMK2 when I have white devices isn't satisfying.

Lastly, the one thing I think would be awesome is if this keyboard could go wireless & wired similar to your mice. I am one of those minimalist "cords are evil" types of people. Prior to this, I had a Logitech Pro keyboard and it had that option. The cord, I believe, had a receiver so that you didn't need two USB slots for one device. As a separate idea, the idea of putting the Glorious man's head where the thumb would be on the Glorious Model O is great but I had quickly placed grip tape over him. I think it would be cool if you guys made a grip tape in his design/shape so that people wouldn't have to cover up his beautiful face. [a white padded wrist rest [if possible] would be great, too & maybe black stitching [matching with your white cloth mousepad] would be great, as well.

PS. I do love my keyboard and I know I used my review as a way to springboard ideas...I apologize in advance.

Travis H.
Great Aesthetics

Beautifully crafted board. Endless customization.

Jeet P.

This has been one of the best keyboards I have owned. If u are willing spend the money u won’t be disappointed.