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Nikko M.
A nice upgrade!

I was already using Durock v2 stabs but as some or most of the people know, it doesn't fit the GMMK Pro's plate (I have aluminum) quite well without exerting some force to push it in. It has been working nice without any issues but when GSV2 was advertised with a nice discount for GMMK Pro owners, I gave it a shot. I must say this is impressive. After a bit of wire tuning, and proper lubing, no other customizations, it's has been working great! No rattles or any issues. I am loving my GMMK Pro more!

Quinn A.
A lot like Durock v2 stabilizers for less

These run as smooth as Durock v2 stabilizers but for less money. If you have a gmmk pro get these instead. They fit the board way better. You’ll be happier.

Seth G.
Massive improvement to my new favorite board

Keyboard: GMMK Pro
Keycaps: Glorious Aura
Switches: Glorious Lynx pre-lubed

I don't classify myself as an enthusiast or fanatic, but I definitely enjoy a good feeling and sounding keyboard at this point. I'd consider myself an average consumer for quality keyboards.

Using the new GSV2 stabs has improved the feel of my GMMK Pro by a long shot. They come pre-clipped, are easy to install, includes everything you need, and after a little lubing and reassembly, the stabs are working great. They sound MUCH better compared to the GOAT stabs personally.

I actually did not put enough lube on the wire to my backspace, but it doesn't sound awful by any means. Not great mind you, but not terrible. Maybe one day I'll get bored enough to go in and just add a bit on the contact points. But aside from that personal failure, the stabs themselves are fantastic! The spacebar being the chief complaint for most setups, this eliminated most, if not all, rattle.

Very well done and highly recommended for the price.

Way better than the stock GMMK Pro Stabs

The GSV2 stabilizers are a huge upgrade from the GOAT stabs that originally came with GMMK Pro. They are pretty easy to tune and don't really need any mods besides usual lube/grease. Definitely one of the nicer stabs I've tried

Brett G.