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The Glorious Model O- is coming.


Lighter. Smaller. Glorious.

Coming very soon.





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hy me mouse glorius model o- is having an issue of disconnection with the cable

Jun 09, 2020

Chris Padgett:

Love the look and feel of the Model 0. Only 1 problem for me. I need dpi adjustment in increments of 50, so please use the PMW3389. Call it the Model 0 Elite or something. Charge more. Whatever. I’ll buy it.

Feb 23, 2020


When is this mouse coming out??

Aug 22, 2019


I am personally really interested in the glorious model o- have 19.7×10cm hands and use a fingertip grip so this is the perfect mouse for my grip and hand size

Aug 06, 2019


When exactly is the release date ?🙂

Jul 29, 2019

Pedro Filipe Figueira da Silva Soares:

Please make a bigger mouse for bigger hands. I would definitely buy a Glorious mouse with the shape and size of a zowie ec1 / deathadder / rog gladius. I really need to replace my highly weight reliefed (and falling apart) asus Gladius but the best mouse are so small

Jul 28, 2019

Doctor Cockman:

I second what David said regarding producing a Model O+ for larger hands.
At the moment the only mouse on the market that is comfortable is the Deathadder Elite (which sucks, besides the shell). I would love to patronize your business! I’d commit to buying at least two of them.

Jul 27, 2019


Please make a Model O+ for people with larger hands that use palm grip and make it taller. I will buy 5 of them.

Jul 26, 2019

Rogue V:

The model just seems like the perfect mouse to me, except I have small hands and claw grip, so it would be too big. This new mouse seems to be a dream come true. I hope it comes out soon, and they have a nice stock, it better not sell out!

Jul 26, 2019


A large version would be fantastic. I like the Model O, but it’s just short enough to upset my grip, leading to discomfort. I keep returning to my Rival 310 which is the perfect height.

Jul 24, 2019

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