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Glorious COVID-19 FAQ

Thank you for visiting the Glorious store. We hope everybody is staying safe (and gaming plenty) during this ongoing crisis.  As we’re aware the COVID-19 situation has created confusion for many customers, we’d like to help answer some common questions we’ve been getting.

Is Glorious currently open for business? 

Yes we are open!  Our full staff is working remotely. Our 3rd party fulfillment centers are all running as normal. Live chat support is also available Monday-Friday, 10a to 4:30p cst. 

Are there currently any delays in shipping orders?

No. All orders are shipping from our fulfillment center at normal processing speeds.  

Our current processing time to ship an order is between 1-2 business days from the time its placed. Business days are weekdays M-F (so if you place an order on Friday you can expect it to leave our warehouse the following Monday or Tuesday).

Are there any delays expected by your shipping carriers?

Current shipping times vary dependent on recipient location. We have not been informed of any major delays by carriers. 

However, once the package leaves our warehouses we have little control over the delivery process. Due to widespread supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-019, some carriers may experience periodic delays in certain areas. You will receive tracking information via email as soon as your order ships,  so you can keep an eye on progress. 

Are the workers in your fulfillment centers safe?

We are in regular contact with our fulfillment centers to ensure employee health & safety is being maintained at the highest possible standards. Protective equipment, including masks and gloves, have been provided for all workers, and distancing protocols are in place. The facility is also being deep-cleaned on a regular schedule. .

Is there risk of infection from opening packages?

Risk of transmitting the virus via any package you receive is EXTREMELY unlikely. 

As mentioned, safety protocols are in place throughout the fulfillment process. Additionally, current research indicates Coronavirus probably cannot survive on cardboard or paper surfaces for a long period of time (from a few minutes to 24 hours) - which is well beyond the time your order will likely be in transit.  However, out of an abundance of caution we recommend washing your hands thoroughly after receiving any packages and safely disposing of shipping boxes. 

What are you doing to help?

We’ve recently launched a digital fundraiser called Give Gloriously. All proceeds benefit COVID-19 vaccine research and community support. We know not everybody is in a position to donate, but if you have something to spare it goes towards a good cause!

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

Thank you and stay safe!


Daniel Romero Ballesteros:

Hi there! Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Sep 24, 2020


Ordered a Glorious Model O mouse almost two weeks ago, no tracking info, no shipping updates. Any info on when I’ll be getting anything? I ordered a cord and skates bundle kit along with it but that’s arrived.

Sep 23, 2020


I ordered my mouse about a week ago NO SHIPPING UPDATES!?!?! I need help someone please respond…

Sep 18, 2020

David Steo:

I ordered my mouse literally a week ago, and has been sitting in California for days, shipping sucks, transit sucks, and literally do not think I will be getting my mouse for over a month. Never buy a mouse from glorious again, go for amazon if you have prime, this is so ridiculous.

Sep 08, 2020

Aaron Vang:

I order the mouse (Glorious Model D Minus) on July 15 and it still hasn’t come yet. Pretty shitty shipping!!

Aug 19, 2020

A person:

It’s been like a week no tracking updates, I live in CT so I don’t think it should take very long but again no tracking updates so where is it!? I think you guys have to work on your damn shipping bc it’s garbage nobody is getting there stuff. We all like ur products but ur shipping is unacceptable. Please for everyone fix the issue I ordered the model 0

Jul 10, 2020

Clark Hill:

My mouspad is super late with no tracking updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 10, 2020

Clark Hill:

My mouspad is super late with no tracking updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 10, 2020

Musa Khan:

I have nought the glorious model o and it has been 25 days exactly since I bought it and it hasn’t come yet. Is this because I’m in Canada or other reasons please respond!!!!

Jun 09, 2020

Mathew Shoyo:

I have recently ordered the Glorious Model O 2 weeks ago and still haven’t gotten it or have gotten any shipping. Please help!

Jun 08, 2020

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